Over the years I've gotten a few often asked questions and I thought I'd post a FAQ so people can satisfy their curiosity before hitting the contact tab.

So I don't get it, are you Egyptian?  Short answer, Yes. Long answer, I'm Egyptian by blood and heritage. My mom and dad are from Egypt and immigrated to the US in the 1970's. I was born and raised in America and moved to Egypt as an adult, married, with kids.

Why don't you post more Islamic stuff? Because that's best left to those who are 1, more knowledgeable, and 2 inclined to do so. There are many, many blogs with more Islamic content.  Here I write about my day to day life and various topics of interest.

Don't you know that nail polish is haram?! Your salah is not valid! No, in fact it's not. I am aware of the rulings on nail polish and when it's permissible and when it's not. Whether I wear it or not, when and how is solely at my discretion.

Can you find me a maid? NO! I write a couple of posts on maids in Egypt and suddenly I'm inundated with emails of people desperate to find a maid. Sorry, I don't provide that service and I can't help you with that at all.

How can I order such and such product? You can't. I'm not selling anything here.

Will you write a blog post about my product/site? Maybe.

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