September 24, 2014

Human Connections

It was a morning like any other. Kind of sleepy, but I was on my second cup of coffee and hoping this would do it. I knew shouldn't have stayed up late binge watching random YouTube videos!
I hurriedly get dressed and do a quick 5 minute makeup and I’m finally ready. I get into my reasonable sedan, still sipping on that coffee.
So I’m driving a long on the highway when a familiar tune comes on the radio. It’s “Groove is in the Heart” At first I just smiled and nodded my head to the beat but I couldn't control myself. I simply had to sing right along and do a little car dancing. I silently thank Dee Lite for composing a tune such as this to get me in a great mood this morning.
Just then. I glance over at the car beside me and this is what I see. It’s as if in slow motion, a car full of young teens mouthing the words to the song. At first glance I thought they were mocking me. But then…..BUT THEN, I realized what was going on. They’re listening to the same station. To the same song! They were having a blast, giving me thumbs up and waving. We drove along side each other and continued to bop along to the classic tune and as they veered right, quite poetically, the song ended just as they caught their exit. We gave each other knowing nods and then, just as quickly as that Kia full of kids came into my life, they were out of it.
Did that just happen? I asked myself as I continued driving along my way. It did. And it was amazing. It was a rare, and beautiful moment of pure human connection with strangers.


  1. That's one of my favorite songs -- I can't *not* dance when I hear it!

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