January 21, 2013

What's For Dinner?

Why do I hate that question? I find myself really rather annoyed when one of my kids comes into the kitchen while I'm cooking and asks me "What's for dinner?"  I don't even have to be in a particularly bad mood but it just irks me. I know it's an innocent question and they just want to know but it just bothers me.

I think it has something to do with feeling some resentment about the possible reaction. Like it has to meet their approval. Sometimes if someone isn't crazy about the day's main dish or veggies or whatever, they'll voice that opinion and that bugs. Also it might also be related to feeling like I'm some kind of servant. Like, "What's on the menu today?"

The thing is, it doesn't bother me when E asks say on the phone on his way home. Probably because I know he's asking out of anticipation and never complains about the food. I guess it's just picky kids but I think I have a solution. I'm going to start writing what's for dinner on the white board that's in the kitchen and that will be all. I don't have to deal with the question and they have their curiosity satisfied. Hoping it works!

January 18, 2013

Why Can't I See It?

Ever feel like you're blind to something?  It's weird. So since around October, I've been going to the gym regularly and eating less. I can't say I'm dieting because I'm eating like normal, just less portions and less junk. I can't do deprivation, it messes with my head. Anyway, I lost 10 kilos and I'm really happy. That's 22 pounds for the metrically challenged. It was very gradual and I'm gonna keep going but the thing is, It's like I can't see it.

I see the numbers on the scale. I know all my pants are really loose and baggy. Even a pair I bought because they were on sale at JC Penny this last summer for just $8 that I could barely close the button on, are loose and I had to sew elastic into the waist. That should be proof to me that I've lost weight, right? I feel like I look the same. I put up a new fb profile pic and a few different people commented on how I looked like I lost weight and that my face looks thinner. My first thought? They're probably being nice, knowing that I'm going to Zumba and being encouraging. Even typing that I lost 10 kilos in the first paragraph up there, somehow I don't feel entitled to say it. It's hard to even describe what I mean.

This has to be some kind of phenomenon. If I wasn't so aware of it, It could actually be discouraging but thankfully, I know in my head that I must be losing because that's what logic says and it must have come off of somewhere. Although it's not a huge loss yet, it's enough weight that you'd think it would be apparent. But when I look in the mirror, I feel the same. 

Speaking of mirrors, we put up a big full length mirror in my new room and I've never had one before. Is that weird? Just always used the dresser mirror, around waist up. What a difference. It's so eye opening to see yourself full on top to bottom. I realize how ill fitting a lot of my clothes are.

Honestly, always having trouble finding plus size clothes here, when I was in the US I think I went too far the other way. I was so psyched to find plus sizes, I was buying 3X when 2X would have been better.
That's another thing. How do people who are on a weight loss journey deal with clothes? I mean all my pants are too big and look ridiculous. I bought 2 new pairs the other day, a pair of jeans and some gray trousers but I can't keep buying stuff that will be too big in a few months. I tailored a few things and I think that's what I'll  have to do with some things as I (inshaAllah) continue to lose. I'm only going to Zumba now and that's twice a week. I want to go back to 2 days of Zumba and 2 days of Aerobics plus weight training once the kids go back to school after mid year break, inshaAllah.

Anyone experience anything like this or know what I'm saying?

January 5, 2013

That's Entertainment

We all like to entertain ourselves. It passes the time and can change your mood. There are so many ways now to occupy a little free time here and there.

The Internet can be such a huge time suck but I'll admit to being on cuteoverload a lot and check Facebook several times a day. I keep in touch with people through Facebook and who doesn't love cute critters? Reddit's really good too.  On my phone, I'm a big fan of Scramble which is kind of like Boggle. Remember that game? You'd shake the cube and mix the letters then see how many words you can find? Podcasts are great for cleaning, really, the jobs just go by so much faster. I like, This American Life,  You Had To Be There and Manic Mommies.

Television, well my dish isn't properly set up yet but I always watch Parenthood on-line and New Girl. Anyone watch?  Parenthood is consistently good and I always get a good cry. New Girl is hilarious.

I've also watched a few movies recently. Pitch Perfect was funny and enjoyable. This is 40 was alright, Paul Rudd is always funny and Judd Apatow movies are raunchy but they really touched on a lot of what it's like to be in a marriage and getting older. I also watched Looper. I really liked it. Joesph Gordon Levitt's make up was distracting at first but soon. I forgot it was him. He really had Bruce Willis' mannerisms down. I like time travel movies and this was pretty well done.

Music? Mostly I listen to my old 80s and 90s stuff but I also enjoy Maroon 5, Adele, Bruno Mars, and more. I'm not snobby or a hipster when it comes to music. I like whatever sounds good to my ears, man.

Books. I haven't read much lately but listened to Bossy Pants, by Tina Fey on audio book while packing when I was getting ready for the move. It was so good. Seriously, she reads it, so you get the full effect of her stories with every affectation and voices she does. She's so hilarious, I was chuckling to myself the whole time.

What have you been watching/reading/playing/listening to?