April 17, 2013

Borio, The Poor Man's Oreo, And What Corporations Don't Want You To Know

For years I've thought it was hilarious that Egypt's answer to Oreos was Borios. Borio, kinda like an Oreo but boring! You could buy Oreos but they were hella expensive, imported from America and all. Now there's an affordable pack of 6 that are made in Saudi. Here's a side by side comparison between Oreos and  Borios.

The color difference is  the biggest thing but to be honest, the Saudi Oreos aren't so dark because they're more chocolatey, more on that later.

My assistant, Dawood held them so you can see the difference in the cream and thickness.

Here you can see the circumference and the cream. The Oreo cream is definitely superior in texture, taste and quantity.

The taste test revealed that the cookies actually taste very similar. This is largely due to the fact that the Oreos sold here, made in Saudi? They're not the same as the ones in the US. Scandalous  I know! I know that Oreo taste and these just don't have it. These are way better.

The other thing is that I highly suspect these Oreos contain some food coloring to give them that dark chocolatey look. I know this because of, well...lets just say, I received reports of the effects of said food coloring on excrement. And well, that just doesn't happen with real cocoa.

I find it really, disturbing that this and many other products in the Middle East are of a lesser quality and under the same brand name. This is true for lotions, diapers, hair products, and many other items. Why is that? I guess when you don't know the difference it's all the same to the corporations. Use cheaper materials and the consumers are none the wiser. They think they're getting the real deal, a genuine American product.

In the end, this isn't me complaining about cookies, but the principle of the matter. Why do we get the crappy version? What do you think?

April 8, 2013

No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

Been a while since I had a good vent here hasn't it? I think it's something all moms go through. A rough patch every so often. Times when I just want to get away. Can moms run away from home?  It just gets to be too much sometimes. Can I rant for a bit?

Kids are noisy, as a rule. It's near non stop bickering around here lately. Throw in teen attitude and whining from all sides and you have yourself a headache. . It's hard to get them to help out around the house. I am not above bribery. However, with that, you have set a precedent, and doing something just to be nice and help out old mom becomes a rarity. Children are sometimes very selfish creatures to be quite honest.

I really think kids see mom as this thing, that is simply there to serve them.

Mom, I can't find my socks.
Mom, where are the batteries?
Mom, what's for dinner?
Mom, can you iron this?
Mom, I'm hungry!
Mom, what time is it?!

Everyone in this house can read a clock but I guess it's easier to just ask The Mombot.

Then bedtime rolls around and you think you'll get a little peace and quiet but the little buggers Just. Won't. Go. To. Sleep. JUST GO TO SLEEP! Stop giggling and talking right now because I'm about to lose it! All day long you hate each other and now you want to chit chat?! By the the time they finally give in and lose consciousness, you're ready to go to sleep and you skip getting lost in a movie or a book. You wake up the next day and struggle to get them to wake up and get ready for school, and start it all over again.

There comes a point where you just feel spent. You have no more to give and you'd like just a little appreciation once in a while.  Don't get me started on the teenaged ones. I won't go into a lot of details to protect his/her privacy but damn, I never knew how much an eyeroll could hurt. That your own baby could grow up and give you looks that could kill. It really hurts. But no one ever said it would be easy.

Disclaimer:  Make no mistake, I love my kids to the moon and back!