March 24, 2013

Keep It In The Closet

It's been a while since I moved and I thought I would show you guys my very favorite part of my apartment. My closet. Now, I've  never had a walk in closet, and it isn't huge or anything but it's seriously a rare thing in your average apartment in Egypt. Most people have wardrobes. A wooden furniture thing that holds your clothes. So, I've organized it just how I like it and it's very loved.

So here's the general overview. We had a carpenter build these units for storage in here. Up top, we keep suitcases, blankets, and other rarely used things, out of the way. The top shelf holds sweaters, a  few other tops I don't hang, my nail stuff box and various make up bags. The bottom shelf is where I keep my handbags. Whatever bag I'm using currently hangs on the door, which is fine because it's usually open anyway. Unless I'm hiding from the kids on a phone call. The drawers hold pj's and unmentionables. Did I just mention them?

I have all my clothes hanging on the left side. I thought these two little pictures fit well here.

This is how I'm storing my hijabs now. It works, it seems like the best option right now.
On the right side shelf, I have a bunch of random things in boxes. I also keep sheets here in the popular folding method known as, roll it up in a ball and be done with it. Gym clothes live beside them.
This here is mug holder I'm using for rings and bangles. I actually bought it for mugs but found it topples over if the mugs aren't balanced just so. It works beautifully for this though.

On the side of the shelf that faces out, I hung all these accessories so they'd be easy to see and choose from.  I like to think it looks cool too.

I just keep my shoes on the floor along with my gym bag. You can see where one lovely child spilled black nail polish on my wall and shoes. She knows who she is.

There you go. To be honest, it's not always this neat. I go through cycles where I'll put stuff anywhere when I'm looking for something to wear, then I'll clean it all up, stand back and admire it again,


  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Mashallah, that's wonderful you have a closet like that now!

    1. Thank you, alhamdulillah :)

  2. Anonymous8:16 PM

    As-salam alaykum Mona :o),
    such a cute and useful post.Hm...I think I should remember the mugs holder as a bracelets holder!
    It would make my world to have a walk-in closet.So precious!
    Last September I completely cleaned up my apartment and I remember that after I organized my wardrobe I stood in front of it and was so amazed.We women are funny with these things :)!

    1. Thanks Jasmina. I do the same with a just cleaned out fridge :)


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