February 18, 2013

Gym Woes Averted

So I decided to join the new gym. They have an offer going that was just too good to pass up, considering it's walking distance and nicer than the other gym.

I went for a trial class for yoga and lo and behold, I see 2 of the women from Zumba! They jokingly said "We caught you!" but seriously asked me not to tell our other instructor. I understood, I mean, I felt like I was cheating on my gym going to another gym! After deciding to switch, I told them we should just be upfront and tell our Zumba instructor that we switched because it's closer to us and more affordable. They have to know they are losing clients. I felt less guilty after I asked them if they'd consider doing a cheaper rate for a 6 month membership instead of month by month, but it was a no.

I've come to terms with not going to Zumba all the time. I can still go in for a class once a week or so if I feel like it. The new gym has a lot of great features and classes and even are trying to get a Zumba instructor next month. I really like Yoga so far. It's harder than it looks, plus I have very little balance and flexibility so I'm hoping to get better with that, as well as improve my posture.

Thanks for all your advice everyone :)


  1. Hey Mona, I'm glad you could sort out your dilemma. Yoga is harder than it looks, but persistence pays off. If a pose is too hard, then just go into child's pose and join in with those poses you feel you can do. That works for me thus far.

    Hubby is not keen on me going to a studio or gym here...the nearest Curves (ladies only gym) is too far away...and the Egyptian in him doesn't want me exposing my wobbly bits in front of men (which suits me!), therefore I home gym. Now that I've grown into yoga, I do a 10-minute routine about 5 mornings a week in my pj's, and a half-hour of belly-dance from a belly-dance/fitness DVD 3 times a week at night. I make it work as its the best solution for me, but I would love the social interaction of going to a belly-dance class...the nearest studio is also too far *sigh*

    Best thing? As my yoga/dance studio is also my bedroom, I can gym sans hijab wearing the tightest and cutest (most revealing) gym clothing to dance in *yay*

    1. I'm really starting to love Yoga. I got so happy today when we were doing some kind of spine twist thingy and the instructor said perfect. It feels so good to stretch things that never get stretched too. I gotta say, I'm almost about to fall asleep during shavasana.

      Thankfully one of the good things about Egypt is that no men in ladies time, means no men. It's a definite plus to living in a Muslim majority country.

    2. hi Mona! knew about your blog in Nymphont comment thread. i use the same template. i have issues regarding the comment thread and labels. i didnt get them appear in my blog: http://jonathinks.blogspot.com. wonder if you can help me.

      btw, im doing yoga too since last months of 2012 :) i love it but i just hope i have lots of time. i agree its so good to feel parts of your body stretching. parts that havent been stretched in years hee :D


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