September 21, 2012


What's a TIA? It's a Transient Ischemic Attack, often referred to as a mini-stroke. I'm ok but it was super weird.

I was totally fine, just sitting, talking to my kids and all of a sudden, I couldn't understand anything they were saying. I could hear them talking, but it was like, I couldn't process what those words were or anything. I kept asking them to repeat themselves, thinking, ok just one more time and I'll get it. But I still didn't. I started crying in confusion and went into the other room, and could barely walk. This went on for about 20 minutes. I couldn't understand speech nor say what I wanted to say. It was really scary and  very strange.

I was soon feeling fine and normal, albeit bewildered by what had occurred, so I went on Google. All signs pointed to TIA and that's just what the neurologist said I had.  High blood sugar, blood pressure  and cholesterol are risk factors, so he ordered some tests. The next day I went in and thankfully everything was OK except my cholesterol is a little high. Not high enough for them to prescribe anything for it but I have to eat better and exercise. I'm taking baby aspirin, daily, for life and B12 as well.

I'll tell you, that'll definitely give you motivation. I no longer just want to eat right and exercise to be thinner, but because I'm damn scared as hell.  Up to 20% of people who suffer a TIA will go on to suffer a stroke within 90 days. You better believe I joined the gym.

 If by any chance someone suffered something similar to what I described and Google brought them to this post, PLEASE go to the hospital. A lot of people brush it off and think it's no big deal since you feel fine soon after the event. Go. Now.

September 1, 2012

Dear Pinterest,

Or should I say, Dear users of Pinterest? I love Pinterest, it's one of my favorite sites. That said, there are just a few trends there I'm not crazy about. Here we go.

 Marilyn Monroe was a pretty troubled woman. Why do so many look up to her and attribute quotes to her? She never said that thing about size 0 because there was no size 0 back then! She is not someone I'd see as a role model, at all.

Does everyone have tons of Mason jars lying around?  You'd think so looking at Pinterest.

Crafts made from toilet paper rolls. Ew. Paper towel rolls, ok. TP rolls, no. 

Ryan Lokte is a douche bag. I'll be glad when he stops showing up on the Popular page.

That Elf On The Shelf thing is super creepy! Just my opinion but the entire premise is that there's this creepy little elf doll in your house and he watches to see who's "naughty or nice" around Christmas. He's pretty naughty himself. Each day the kids wake up to some mess or prank "the elf" (mommy) has pulled.

OMG people, stop pinning pictures of spiders!

Are you on Pinterest? What do you love/hate there?