June 26, 2012

Shopping And Spending In America

Finally got some free time to publish a post, most days we're out and about and I keep meaning to write but never get around to it. We're well, alhamdulillah and having a good time. I've done some serious shopping here and will probably do some product reviews eventually.

I'm learning that Sephora can be a dangerous place, I picked up and put back down so many things, saying, I don't need this. I need this. No, I don't need this. Bath and Body works too, man, stuff on sale, you just keep picking up things and then all of a sudden you've racked up a lot. Everything smells so good though! I actually ended up returning a few things like 15 minutes after just because they were impulse buys.

Clothes, I pretty much just buy things that are on sale or clearance. It adds up too but I think we got some good deals. I still want to get the kids those rash guard type swim shirts and shorts, they seem like a great option for modest swimwear. Also, new book bags and maybe lunch bags.

We figured out the bus schedule to go a mall and that was pretty cool. Yesterday, we went to see Brave. It was really a nice story and a refreshing change from the usual Disney Princess. Last week we went to a park that had a spray ground. The girls enjoyed it. Dawood claimed it was for babies. It was hot day and pretty crowded so I don't blame him for opting out. 

There was a small carnival a few days ago too, the kids loved that. It was a few bouncy houses and some games and cotton candy, food and drinks, icees, popcorn, etc, with a dj and pony rides. It was hot that day too but they enjoyed the attractions anyway. Zayneb even volunteered and helped run a game. Dawood commented that they would never have all of that for free in Egypt. So true, lol.

I really try not to compare things in terms of dollars/pounds because it's depressing but I drew the line at hijabs. I had only brought  a few with me, then when I bought clothes here, I didn't have ones to match so I just wore this light grey one that would just have to do. Then at the mall there was this Egyptian seller that had some scarves, 5 dollars. The fabric turned out to be so thin and was ruined with the pin in one use. I see a lot of cute scarves in stores here, like old navy has some nice ones. But when I think about how much they are in pounds, I'm like, no way.  A clearance one may be 10 bucks but thats 60le! A nice one in Egypt is 30-35 le Clothes I can justify because even when you convert it, the price is reasonable. Sure there are hijabs that cost more in Egypt but they are worth it and better quality.

All in all I'm trying to curb the shopping for financial reasons and for luggage weight reasons. I wanna be able to bring this stuff back!

June 17, 2012

Our Goings On

HEY, people. What's going on? We're doing fine, Alhamdulillah. Enjoying our time here in the US and being here has been filled with firsts for the kids and even for me. I had Thai food for the first time and it was delicious. We went with my childhood BFF/cousin and her kids.  I ordered Pad Thai as that seemed pretty safe. Loved it. After that we went to Blue Spoon which is a self serve frozen yogurt place. It can be really dangerous. They give you this big cup and and you put in whatever flavors, toppings and everything then they charge by weight. I told the kids to go easy! But it was quite good. Birthday Cake flavor and Thin mint were my favorite with cookie dough on top.

We also went to see Men In Black 3. LOVED IT. I love the Men In Black movies and couldn't wait to see this. I even cried a bit at the end. Josh Brolin did awesome as a young agent K and of course to me, Will Smith can do no wrong. I'll watch anything he's in. We're hoping to see Madagascar 3 this summer too, inshaAllah.

Also, there's a great library near by and the kids and I spend hours there. It's great seeing them read stuff that's not for school and there's so much to choose from it was almost overwhelming for them at first. It's really such a great thing, and an amazing resource I wish we had in Hurghada.

Hmm, what else.There are so many Muslims here now it's great to see. A lot of Egyptians too, Copts and Muslim alike. I keep overhearing masry people in stores, heh. 

Alls well on this side of the ocean, Allhamdulillah. I really feel so at home here and was worried for nothing. So thankful we were able to come, Alahamudlillah.  Until next time! Salam :)

June 11, 2012


Hey people! Today we went to a picnic for ISCJ, it was really great. There is such a great sense of community and they had fun activities for the kids like arts & crafts and bubbles. Have a look at some of the highlights.

Safiyah, enjoying her first park in the US

They have a petting zoo, the deer were so cute.

This peacock was showing off his beautiful feathers.

Zayneb at the picnic tables

Wide open spaces....

Admiring the lake and some dragonflies.

Mmmm Watermelon

YAY! The ice cream truck! My kids were so excited to encounter this :)


Enjoying nature, sitting under a tree.

There was a show to showcase the ISCJ Dojo

Did I say the bubbles were for the kids?

Safiyah getting a henna design on her hand.

Isn't it pretty?

There was tug of war and it was a lot of fun!
All in all a great day. I'm glad the kids had fun and got to enjoy a true American experience, Alhamdulillah.

June 3, 2012

Weekend Update

Hey everyone, blogging on my phone just seemed like a good quick way to get a post up since I'm not on
My laptop as much here.

Things are going well, Alhamdulillah.  The weather has gone from nice to hot to rainy to nice again but it's great to see changes like that. Today it's a beautiful 75 degrees and partly cloudy.

The kids are keeping a tally of all the critters and woodland creatures they've seen here. So far we've seen a bunny, squirrels, a chipmunk, frogs, ducks, geese as well as blue jays, robins and other pretty birds.  Quite a change from the camels and donkeys we see back in Egypt.

It's been really nice seeking old family again. It really feels odd when I say it's been 10 years when someone asks because it feels like I haven't skipped  a beat.

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday, we were going to get some bagels :)