May 27, 2012


Hey everyone, salams from the US of A! We made it here a few days ago and all is well, alhamdulillah.

So a few initial observations after 10 years. I'm surprised at how not weird it feels. It really is home. A lot of stuff is the same, stores and streets etc. I thought it would be way different. Another thing, all the cars are so new and nice. I suppose some live beyond their means to keep up with the Joneses but yea, lots of nice cars everywhere.

The thing that really sticks out and has made me so happy is how friendly everyone is! Americans are so freaking friendly! It's only been a few days but really, I was worried about being back and hijabi nowadays but people are so smiley and polite. I love it!

Sales. OMG. A person could really go crazy here.  The sales and clearance really make you want to buy everything, just on principle. I'm keeping it under control, inshaAllah but I got some great deals already, alhamdulillah.

The kids were oohing and aahing at the houses as we drove around the first day. They are used to buildings so pretty houses with lawns and driveways are wow. Same for how green it is here, mashAllah.  It's really refreshing to see.

Alhamdulillah for everything, I'm really thankful that we were able to come.  Here are some photos so far.

About to take off,  Do you think Zayneb looks scared?

Safiyah in Paris at our stop over.
Waiting for our connection.

The Verrazano Bridge.

Salwa and Safiyah :)

At a food court about to get some....

Cold Stone ice cream. So good!

May 17, 2012

Jumping The Pond

Hey everyone, so I've been a bit busy recently. The kids are finishing up finals and I'm getting ready for my big trip. Yep, inshaAllah the kids and I are going to the US, alhamdulillah.

 I'm really excited and I'm packing and getting stuff ready to leave relatively soon. I plan on posting on our trip, hopefully to keep you guys posted on our goings on and it will be interesting to see how the kids react and how it will feel to be back after 10 years, inshaAllah.

I'm really trying to pack light. Well, as light as possible for 5 people. I'm the type to always over pack so I'm really trying hard to cut down on stuff.  The kids of course want to bring every bear and toy and it's out of control. I had to put a one bear each limit.

People I know here are starting to find out and a few have asked me to bring them stuff from the US and I don't mind since they are friends but I just need it to stick to something easy and not too much. It's a little awkward but most understand.

Mostly I'm excited to see my family and extended family and to show the kids cool, fun stuff there. They're excited to go and to ride the plane. They might get over that after the first few hours though. InshaAllah it will be ok. Please make dua for us :)

May 12, 2012

Man's Best Friend

Over the years I've become more and more of a dog person. I stop and pet strays and get happy when I see a pack of them. Unfortunately, living in an apartment, having a dog is out of the question. I hope one day soon, we'll have a place with a yard/garden so we can have a dog of our own.  I often accost kids with their dogs at the promenade to play with them for even a minute.

Safiyah with a sweet stray we met.

My very first dog memory was of when I was about 5, my dad and siblings and I were walking to a near by lake to go swimming when all of the sudden a dog started running at me. I freaked and made a b-line for the lake, I thought I'd run into the lake and he'd stop. Wrong. he ran right in after me. He just wanted to play, lol.

My favorite breed is golden retriever but I'd love to take in a mutt, a rescued stray. I feel like dogs love you unconditionally and are loyal forever. They don't care about anything, they just want your love and attention and in return you get a true friend, companion and playmate. Animals are better than humans every day of the week.

Do any of you have or have had a dog? What kind?

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