October 23, 2012

Win a $25 Target Gift Card

Do you have a dog?  One of you can win a $25 Target gift card!  I'm  hosting a Halloween Dog Photo Costume Contest! You can spend the gift card on you or on your dog. ;) 

Participation Requirements:

Dress up your dog in a costume and snap a photo.You can even enter with a photo you already have, as long as it's your own.

When you have a picture ready to go, you can enter by doing one of two things:

1. Email me the picture at mom2dawood@yahoo.com with “Halloween Dog Photo Contest"  in th subjline ect before November 1st.
2. Post your photo on your blog then comment with the link on this post.

Simple! I'll pick a winner and announce them here on November 2nd and they'll receive a $25 Target gift card by email.

Want to win even more?

All those who participate in this, and other blog hosted photo contests will be entered to win The Big Event Halloween Dog Photo Contest hosted by www.dogfencediy.com where one very lucky winner will win a $500 Target Gift Card! Think of all the stuff you could get!

All of the contest photos will be posted in a gallery where viewers may comment and vote for their favorite doggy photo. Contestants can promote their dog by sharing links on their Facebook, Twitter or wherever they need to do to get people to vote for their photo.

Whoever has the most votes by 8pm EST on November 12, 2012 will be declared the winner!!

Come on, go and  take a fun photo of your favorite pup and enter today.  Hurry, the contest ends November 1st!

Disclosure:  Mama Mona is one of many host blogs in the Dog Fence DIY 2012 Halloween Dog Photo Contest. 


  1. Cute contest, but i don`t own a dog.
    I looove dogs and my sisters has 1, but she lives
    in another village :)

    XO Arezu

    1. I think dogs dressed up are so cute as long as they aren't not annoyed by it.

  2. I need to find a costume that Buddy won't try to take off or jump around in like a fish out of water...hmmmmm....

    I could use a Target gift card!!!

    1. Dude, do it! There's gotta be some dog friendly stuff out there.

    2. There are quite a few ... it's just finding one that will challenge Buddy long enough so we can take a pic before he takes it off! ahahaha

  3. Cute! I'll have to see if my mom or sister will let me dress up one of their dogs!


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