August 26, 2012

Thieving Instead Of Cleaning

I'm just gonna write about this because it's bothering me and I can. Before we came back from the US my husband wanted us to come back to a nice clean apt so he had a woman come clean. The woman is someone who cleans for people we know very well and has for years so we assumed she was trust worthy.

She brought another woman with her to help get the job done. Unfortunately they didn't clean anything. Except the fridge because E asked they clean it out and take everything. The perfume bottles on my dresser showed some evidence of being dusted and the dishes were done but otherwise all I found was things moved out of their place, and well, a few missing items.

I'm now missing 2 expensive handbags and 2 pairs of these flip flops.

Can you believe it? I'm really not that angry about the items. Well, I wish I still had them, but it just makes me angry to know there were people in here, going through my stuff. I'm now wondering if there's other things missing that I didn't notice yet. I think some of the maids that do this kind of this kind of assume someone with several bags won't notice two missing or it won't make much of a difference to us. I guess you're not supposed to trust anyone. So annoyed, really.


  1. Oh no that's terrible! I'm really sorry that happened.

    Some of my scarves were stolen from my last apartment and a toothbrush cup from the bathroom! Random I know but it was very obvious when the toothbrushes were just left there on the side of the sink. It was a kids one, plastic, decorated with fish.

    Scarves reappeared after we asked a cleaner about them and they showed up reeking of perfume, it seems she had wrapped them around herself under her abaya in order to take them without being noticed.

    I also lost a very precious necklace but one of the maids conveniently 'found' it after a few weeks although it was obvious she had taken it and then felt guilty.

    It's sad because we are always really generous to our cleaners and pay them well.

    1. Man, she thought she was sneaky, huh? It's disheartening.

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Wow,I'm sorry Mona that happened to you!Working as a personal assistant I have complete access to people's houses and sometimes even their offices and one of the rules I have is to highly respect the privacy of my costumers - meaning that I don't even talk with my closest friends about the items I see in various places.You really have to find someone that you can trust.Let me share some advice based on my experience:

    1.) Never give the key of your house to your cleaner (you can do this after you really learned to trust to a person working for you).
    2.) Don't allow them to use your pc.(Many times I have to make translations for my costumers,but I prefer them sending all the material to my e-mail,so that I can work from my pc and don't have to use theirs).
    3.) Talk to your cleaner over a coffee and discover if she talks about other families she works for.If she does,believe me she's not trustworthy!
    4.) Never ever leave the cleaner alone at home.Make sure to be there with her and show her exactly how you want the things to be cleaned.Only after you've built a certain amount of trust to your cleaner,you can organize yourself in a different way.
    5.) Never allow her to bring strangers into your home.Make that very clear to her!
    6.) When the cleaner is for the first time at your home sit down and have a coffee (as mentioned above) and discuss well the hours that she (or he) is allowed to work,the payment,which bathroom (if there are more bathrooms in the house) is she/he allowed to use,when and what will they eat (that is the both have to decide if you will prepare them a meal or if they bring their own meal).
    7.) Make your own rules and stick to them!After all they are working for you!

    These are rules I want my costumers to stick to,because not only it makes things more clear to them,but they also help to protect me in case something happens at their house.
    Too many times I saw familys taking the fact that they have a cleaner or maid to easily,but we should never forget that these people are working for a family and should be treated as workers...not family friends!
    My costumers are many times very surprised when I myself am so strict with these rules,but believe me in the end they're all very happy with it,because in this way all the parts know where their place is :)!

    I send you my love and I hope you'll get your stuff back.XO

    1. Thanks for all your advice and thoughtful comment. It was really just a one off and never again!

  3. So sorry sis this happened to you. I would never let anyone in my home alone bc of this, I really trust no one. Its sad people do this but most people do I think.

    1. Yea If I were here I wouldn't have let it happen but, it's fine. I'll get over it.

  4. That really stinks. Sorry you had to experience that. :(

  5. :( How terrible, I'm sorry that happened to you :(

  6. Omg!! Sorry that's crazy sis. :(

  7. Anonymous4:52 AM

    I am sorry to hear about what happened,but I always told you you can not trust strangers,hard luck


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