June 3, 2012

Weekend Update

Hey everyone, blogging on my phone just seemed like a good quick way to get a post up since I'm not on
My laptop as much here.

Things are going well, Alhamdulillah.  The weather has gone from nice to hot to rainy to nice again but it's great to see changes like that. Today it's a beautiful 75 degrees and partly cloudy.

The kids are keeping a tally of all the critters and woodland creatures they've seen here. So far we've seen a bunny, squirrels, a chipmunk, frogs, ducks, geese as well as blue jays, robins and other pretty birds.  Quite a change from the camels and donkeys we see back in Egypt.

It's been really nice seeking old family again. It really feels odd when I say it's been 10 years when someone asks because it feels like I haven't skipped  a beat.

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday, we were going to get some bagels :)


  1. I'm so happy for you Mona!! I miss little critters!!! Bring me a chipmunk back! lol :)

  2. Your kids are so grown up now masha'allah! Keep on enjoying your time!!

  3. Lovely happy pics...enjoy this time :)

  4. Hi Mona :),
    I'm glad to hear all is fine in the U.S.A..
    I'm passing by to tell you that my challenge is closed as of today,but I'll be announcing the winner only in September.Thank you for partecipating in it and for the patience.I'll update you on it all in September.

  5. Anonymous10:11 PM

    You all look so happy!! :)

  6. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Bagels ooooh I remember that word ....but I forgot the taste ... lox and cream cheese please

  7. Anonymous4:48 AM

    I miss you guys


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