March 13, 2012


Candice at Exploring Life and Islam has tagged me with the Sunshine Blog Award.

Here are the questions this award/tag comes with:

Favorite colour: Blue. I tend to wear a lot of pink, grey, turquise but blue is still my hands down favorite color.

Favorite animal: Tigers are my favorite animal. They are so beautiful and majestic. Although, if we're talking domestic animals. It's dogs. I used to be more of  a cat person until I developed allergies to them, but I still love kitties. I dream of having a garden or yard so I can have a dog.

Favorite number: I don't have a favorite number, per say but I do like when numbers are divisible by 5

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Iced tea. Strong and sweet. Home made of course not the ready made stuff.

Facebook or Twitter: I like both but like Facebook more. Twitter is good to just write random thoughts that people may or may not respond to. Facebook is better all around, in my opinion because you get more of a social experience, replies, etc. but that may just be me.

My passion: My passion? My family. It's the most important thing. I do enjoy many other things but family is always number one. 

Getting or giving presents: Who doesn't love getting presents?! I do, of course, however, I also love giving presents. I love choosing that perfect present for someone and more often than not try to chose several things instead of one big one. I like picking out pretty gift bags and enjoy seeing people's reactions. I think gift giving is a great thing and shows that you care. Not because of money spent but because of the thought put into it. To me anyway, but adversely it also feels crappy when you feel like someone put no thought or time into a gift for you.

Favorite pattern: I like all kinds of patterns, abstract, paisley, hounds-tooth, animal print but mostly what catches my eye is floral. Maybe that's just what's more prevalent.

Favourite day of the week: I suppose Sunday. No school, sleep in, we usually have breakfast together and just stay home.

Favourite flower: Roses. Red, pink, yellow, any color. I love roses. Second would be orchids.

I am tagging you if you are reading this an think it would be a fun post to do. I honestly am not trying to give the cop out answer but I feel like people should do tags because they want to and not because they are told they must. Luckily I love tags and this one was fun and different. Thanks Candice :)


  1. "I don't have a favorite number, per say but I do like when numbers are divisible by 5" this made me laugh :)

    thanks for all your xomments on my blog ! and the compliments ;)

    xx shay

    1. Glad I could be of service :)


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