March 3, 2012


Yesterday there was an "I Love Egypt" festival to promote tourism. It was fun, a nice change of pace.
We arrived on time but of course, it started late. They were still setting up, typical.

It was sunny but windy.

A local dance school put on a show for the kids. They were really good. 
This guy, lol.
A pretty popular Egyptian band called Cairokee played. 

Of course there has to be some insanity, At first they were throwing free I ♥ Egypt T-shirts and people went nuts, we were nearly trampled. Seriously, not a good idea when there are kids around and some older people too.  This took place at the mall parking lot so the mall was crowded and for the first time we couldn't find a table in the food court to eat at. People were just camping out there, sitting at tables for hours, not even eating, while people who actually ordered food stood around with trays waiting for someone to get up. ::::eyeroll:::::  All in all, It could have been better organized but we had a good day, and the kids zonked out quick last night.


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