March 30, 2012

Family Dinner

Yesterday, we went out for a while with friends and then to dinner. Some photos from our evening.

My Kids :)

At dinner, Safiyah was falling asleep.

Until E gave her a math question, and she perked up.

The waiter gave us some riddles. This one was how do you turn these 2 pyramids into 4 pyramids in one move.

Then he said, using stuff here, how do you get the water in the dish into the glass?

He lit the toothpick with a lighter and, you know, science.


More Noms.
It was a really nice night out and some good family time. :)

March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Review

Spoiler Alert!

I watched the movie last night, online and I have to say, I think it was very well done. Of course there were some small changes and things left out because if they did every movie just like the book it would be 10 hours long.  For example, how Katniss gets the mockingjay pin, it's because they don't have time to go into another character (Madge).

I thought the casting was very good. When I first heard Jenifer Lawrence would be playing Katniss, I thought, she's no Katniss, but when I saw her in the role, I was really impressed. She played the character really well.  Josh Hutcherson is a perfect Peeta. I'm still on book 2 but consider me team Peeta. I felt the same reading the book, there wasn't a lot of characterization for Gale yet anyway.

The film was just as emotional as the book. I cried during the reaping scene where Katniss volunteers as tribute to save her sister as well as when Rue died. Such a heartbreaking scene.

I loved the special effects and futuristic themes. The fire dress and the control room. That reminded me of a super high tech warped Truman Show. The fashion at the Capitol was also really fun to see. Effie and Ceasar, wow, his teeth were crazy. Seneca you love to hate because he's got that crazy beard but then you feel kind of bad for him at the end. Side-note, Wes Bently, crazy beard aside looks a lot like a young Omar Sheriff, don't you think?

Over all I think the movie felt a little rushed, if I hadn't read the book, I might have been like what? who? confused. Anyone see the film without first reading the book have an opinion on this? It was still a very enjoyable movie and  I look forward to the rest of the series.

March 24, 2012

Weird Fun Asian Stuff

I love coming across the quirky, cool stuff that makes it's way here from Asian countries. Here are a few little things that caught my eye.

These towelettes expand in toner or lotion and become a mask.

Make up pads and an eyebeow/lash?comb, but the writing on the back is great.

What?!  I love Engrish.

I was surprised by how nice and soft this brush is. The bristles don't budge and it's cloud-like. That's all that matters to me. The girl on the package seems to agree.

These little paper soaps in a test tube are cute and fun. I always have some with me in case somewhere has no soap.  I think these also can be sprinkled in a bath.
Do they have cute stuff like this where you are?

March 20, 2012

iphone Case DIY Makeover

I got this iphone case when I first got my phone about a year and a half ago. White was the only one I could find but it got dirty quick and I then got a black one. This is the one I've been using since and it's been a phone saver several times. It's just plain black with the rhinestones that I bought separately and stuck on. It comes in a sheet about the size of the phone. Anyway so, I had this old white iphone case lying around and I got the idea to give it a makeover.

I decided to use this gold glitter nail polish all over it.

Her's one side all painted. I let that dry over night, then did the sides and front.

And here it is all dried.
The finished product, on my phone:

I'm pretty happy with it. Very blingy. I figure it's a nice change. You could also stick rhinestones and all kinds of stuff all over it with the gold (or whatever nail polish) as a base color.  What do you think?

March 17, 2012

Recent Purchases

Here's a few cool things I got over the past month. Loverly.

I got these from the local homemade soap lady. They smell amazing.

Got this bangle on sale, I like the geometrical shape.

This butterfly cuff was also on sale,  got many compliments on it :)

I love these kinds of masks, the small package is the kind you put in your toner or rose water and it expands. Fun!

I want to learn to crochet, so I got some yarn but I'm already having trouble. I had to untangle many knots just trying to get this in to a ball. Ended up cutting it and the girls made friendship bracelets with it.

New scarf! It's square so I had to find a tutorial on youtube to find a way to wear it that I liked.
So, fun stuff I picked up here and there. Whatdya think?

March 14, 2012

DIY Lip Gloss

I've been wanting to try this for a while and found a pretty simple, quick way to make my own lip gloss. You will need :

Petroleum jelly, Lipstick, small, empty jar, toothpick, metal serving spoon, better yet a ladle.

Break off a peice of the lipstick you want. I chose a brownish red,  and a glob of Vaseline and place it in the spoon/ladle. It would be better to use a ladle but I didn't have a metal one. The ratio of lipstick to Vaseline depends on how sheer you want the gloss. I did about half and half.

Mix it up with a toothpick, it doesn't have to be perfect, just mix it up a bit.

Now hold the ladle/serving spoon over a flame. It can be your stove or a lighter, I used a candle.

Melt it, mixing it well with the toothpick, until it's completely liquid and well mixed.

Carefully, pour it into your little pot and wipe off any that's on the outside or edges. Place it in the fridge for a while to set.

The finished product

I'm happy with the color,  I might make nice light ones for the girls.

It goes on pretty sheer, with a nice tint.
If you try it me know how it goes :)

March 13, 2012


Candice at Exploring Life and Islam has tagged me with the Sunshine Blog Award.

Here are the questions this award/tag comes with:

Favorite colour: Blue. I tend to wear a lot of pink, grey, turquise but blue is still my hands down favorite color.

Favorite animal: Tigers are my favorite animal. They are so beautiful and majestic. Although, if we're talking domestic animals. It's dogs. I used to be more of  a cat person until I developed allergies to them, but I still love kitties. I dream of having a garden or yard so I can have a dog.

Favorite number: I don't have a favorite number, per say but I do like when numbers are divisible by 5

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Iced tea. Strong and sweet. Home made of course not the ready made stuff.

Facebook or Twitter: I like both but like Facebook more. Twitter is good to just write random thoughts that people may or may not respond to. Facebook is better all around, in my opinion because you get more of a social experience, replies, etc. but that may just be me.

My passion: My passion? My family. It's the most important thing. I do enjoy many other things but family is always number one. 

Getting or giving presents: Who doesn't love getting presents?! I do, of course, however, I also love giving presents. I love choosing that perfect present for someone and more often than not try to chose several things instead of one big one. I like picking out pretty gift bags and enjoy seeing people's reactions. I think gift giving is a great thing and shows that you care. Not because of money spent but because of the thought put into it. To me anyway, but adversely it also feels crappy when you feel like someone put no thought or time into a gift for you.

Favorite pattern: I like all kinds of patterns, abstract, paisley, hounds-tooth, animal print but mostly what catches my eye is floral. Maybe that's just what's more prevalent.

Favourite day of the week: I suppose Sunday. No school, sleep in, we usually have breakfast together and just stay home.

Favourite flower: Roses. Red, pink, yellow, any color. I love roses. Second would be orchids.

I am tagging you if you are reading this an think it would be a fun post to do. I honestly am not trying to give the cop out answer but I feel like people should do tags because they want to and not because they are told they must. Luckily I love tags and this one was fun and different. Thanks Candice :)

March 10, 2012

The Hunger Games

So who's on this bandwagon? I just read the first book, most of it in one day and it was so good. I'm about to start reading Catching Fire. It's not really the kind of story I  would think I would go for but it's such an amazing and entertaining book.

Basically, it's set a couple of hundred years or so in the future in a country called Panem.(Formally the US) To show they are in control, the capitol has a yearly event called The Hunger Games where a boy and a girl are chosen from each of the 12 districts to fight to the death. Themsetting is post apocalyptic and futuristic. Well, I don't want to give anymore info, but just trust me, it's a great read.

I look forward to the movie but not putting too much hope into it living up to the book.  Am I correct in assuming the movie only deals with book one?

I can't wait to see what Catching Fire and Mockingjay  have in store. PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!

March 9, 2012

Peelable Nail Polish

Thought I'd try posting off my phone. I bought this nail polish that is supposed to be good for Muslim women because it's easy to remove without nail polish remover/acetone. You can put it in and the peel it off when you need to make wadu. Check it out.

March 8, 2012

DIY Setting Spray

I recently found out you can make your own setting spray, much like MAC's fix plus for very little cash. This can be used as a toner or to set your make up, avoiding the cake-y/powder look as well as a mixing medium to thin foundation or to wet eye shadows.

 It's basically water and glycerine so I decided to make some. I used a small spray bottle that was from some argan oil. It only had a little left in there so I just poured out what was left and put it on my hair ends but didn't rinse the bottle out. The tiny bit of remaining oil doesn't bother me but you can just use an empty spray bottle.

What you'll need:
  • Spray bottle, preferably small
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Rose water (optional)
  • Drop of essential oil (optional)

It's 1 part glycerin to 3 parts water.  If you want to use rose water you can do 1 part glycerin, 1 part rose water to 2 parts water. You can also add a drop of essential oil for scent. It's best to make this in a small bottle/batches because it doesn't have preservatives. I've used it several times now and it gives you a nice dewy look.

March 4, 2012

Speaking English in Egypt

I just saw this tweet by Londoneya and it got me thinking. I see this happen a lot. Egyptians speaking English for show. I guess I just don't understand it. I mean, I don't care, speak whatever language you want, but I have a serious dislike for phony people.  It just comes of pretentious and show-offy.  It's seen as a status thing to speak English well.   I do see the value in learning another language, especially English. Don't get me wrong, it's good to know your stuff but isn't it just odd that a group of Egyptians whose first language is Araby sit around speaking in English just 'cause it looks cool?

I had one woman I've known for a while now, recently confess to me that when she first met me, thought that I was speaking "that way" just to "etdala3" or playing dumb/being showy.  "That way" meaning that my Arabic apparently comes out somehow... off and I sometimes throw in English words, inadvertently or because I don't know the Arabic word.  I kind of cringed at the thought that people think I'm doing that.  I am/look Egyptian so there's no way for people to know I wasn't brought up here so the assumption, is that I'm doing that.

That's why I like people to know off the bat, my background so they don't assume I'm either an idiot or being silly or acting dumb.  Until recently I kind of thought my Egyptian Arabic was pretty good but recent  comments by people have pointed to the contrary.  Even my own daughter, Zayneb sort of laughs to herself when I tell her I speak Arabic pretty well.  I suppose I should have known because people always ask me where I'm from but all this time, I thought it was just a general question but more and more people say it's because I have a slight accent.  And here I thought I was so good.

Another thing, is that it makes me self conscious to speak English to  my kids in the company of Egyptians.  I feel awkward because I can speak to them in Arabic just fine.  I don't want people to think I'm showing off.  It's stupid, because I have to know consciously remind myself to speak to them in English more because they aren't as fluent as most kids with an American mom.  I feel like it's a shame that they don't speak perfect English and it's my own doing.  I got in the habit of speaking to them in Arabic from when they were young. I'm now speaking to them in English most of the time at home but I'm still struggling to do so while in public.  First of all it's never a good idea to speak English in shops if you can avoid it. You'll get a higher price.  End of story.  As for while we are with friends, I guess I just feel odd speaking English when I can speak Arabic.  I don't know it's complex I suppose.

What do you think?  Is it weird to speak English in the presence of Arabic speaking people?  Would you assume that one doing so is showing off?

March 3, 2012


Yesterday there was an "I Love Egypt" festival to promote tourism. It was fun, a nice change of pace.
We arrived on time but of course, it started late. They were still setting up, typical.

It was sunny but windy.

A local dance school put on a show for the kids. They were really good. 
This guy, lol.
A pretty popular Egyptian band called Cairokee played. 

Of course there has to be some insanity, At first they were throwing free I ♥ Egypt T-shirts and people went nuts, we were nearly trampled. Seriously, not a good idea when there are kids around and some older people too.  This took place at the mall parking lot so the mall was crowded and for the first time we couldn't find a table in the food court to eat at. People were just camping out there, sitting at tables for hours, not even eating, while people who actually ordered food stood around with trays waiting for someone to get up. ::::eyeroll:::::  All in all, It could have been better organized but we had a good day, and the kids zonked out quick last night.