February 29, 2012

Pinterest Pin it Button How To

After much research and frustration I finally was able to figure out how to add the Pinterest Pin it button to all blog posts. You might want to add it if you want to let your readers pin your posts/photos and have them link back to your blog. It's another way to share like Facebook and Twitter.

Do this when you can give it your full attention and follow these steps.
  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard and go to Template. (New Blogger) 
  • Back up your template for good measure.
  • Click Edit HTML
  • Click Proceed
  • Check Expand Widgets
  • Ctrl+F and find the following line
<b:if cond='data:top.showAuthor'>
This line appears twice in your template, we are working with the top one.

Now paste the following code just below that. 

<a href='javascript:void(run_pinmarklet())'><img src="http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u117/mom2dawood/pinmarklet.png" style='margin:0; padding:0; border:none;'/></a>
<script type='text/javascript'>
function run_pinmarklet() {
  var e=document.createElement('script');

Preview your blog. You should see the pinmarklet on your post footer just before your name and the time. If everything looks good, save your template and try it out!

Good luck, and if you have any problems, let me know.


  1. I'm so going to do this .. thanks so much for the tip ..I love pinterest!!!

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    1. You're welcome. Pinterest is awesome.

  2. I love Pinterest. Followed you ;)


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