February 4, 2012

Organizing Make Up

I decided that how I kept my make up, having a lot of it on top of the dresser, was not ideal. It took up precious dresser top space, also having a little here and some there just wasn't efficient. I decided to organize it all in my top drawer where I'd kept some of it, but figured having it in one place would be much better.

First I took everything out. Threw out any old gunky mascaras, goopy glosses and cleaned the dusty old hairbands and bobby pins out of the drawer. Then I put anything that was not often used, in an old Caboodles. (remember them?)  Yes. I still have a big purple one from 1995.

Next, I got some containers, a few were from Galaxy Jewels chocolate and a few are cardboard little gift boxes and one regular kitchen container. I placed them in my half of the drawer. (Really I take more than half of the drawer but, girls need more space, ok?!)

I then put the things I use regularly in one container up front and then organized things like so.

 I don't use brushes that often so having them in a cup, on my dresser was just collecting dust so I gave them a good wash, and put them in here too.  Next project: Organizing my nail stuff? I also need to REorganize my hijabs, my hijab hanger broke and I need to sort/purge some soon.  Any organization tips for me?


  1. this looks tre organised, go Mona! I also spied that you use the same cream based foundation as me :D

    regarding hijab storage...maybe try one of these? >> http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/421152_335954023094003_138471822842225_1013034_1552415318_n.jpg

    i hope you can see what it is, it's the lovely dina-tokio with her ikea hijab hanger. i have the same one..saves alooot of room!

  2. I love the organization. Gosh I thought I was the only messy person on the planet so glad,I am not the only one who piled everything in one place. I def feel like I need to do something with my makeup collection because I basically have none!

    oh yeah pick me pick me!! lol j/k. I wrote a post on how I store my hijabs. I wonder if it will work for you or even if you could get it in egypt?


  3. Nice, mashallah! I wish my stuff was half this organized. I've got my makeup just randomly all over my room hahah

  4. Haha funny I was just doing this yesterday, I'm on a major organizing binge right now. For my makeup I use this http://intconcepts.ca/sales/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=58_64&products_id=477&zenid=ca0c8256ede3781706be8478d3c445de

    I don;t use my brushes often either so I put them in ummm, don't know what it;s called but hmmm, a brush roll? I just stick it behind the container.

  5. Ashi, Don't you love the Color Stay? I just wish it had a pump on it but it's good stuff. I love that hanger. It's got big circles not like the one I had, Im going to explore my options and shop around.

    UmmSultana, I saw that post, thought I commented but I guess it didn't post. I'm drowning in hijabs so I really gotta purge the ones I don't use soon.

    Amal, Thanks. Really it's an oasis of calm in a lot of chaos, lol. That container/drawer thing is awesome. Keeps stuff easy to reach and dust free.

  6. Yep definitely love my Colorstay. Awesome coverage and consistency considering it's a drugstore product. I thought the same about the lack of pump too!

  7. I love this organising and you're so resourceful finding use for containers. I'm going to do that!

  8. Ashi, I agree and it doesn't look cakey. Gotta give credit to my friend Megan for the recommendation.

    Londoneya Eyan, thanks. Well you gotta make do without the container store. :)


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