February 16, 2012

Blog Ideas

So these past few days I've given my blog a complete overhaul. I enjoyed doing it and I'm pretty happy with the results. Let me point out some of the changes I made, and links to how, in case you'd like to add these elements to your own blog.

Template-  I got this template from nymphont.com She has many beautiful, unique designs that are free to use. You can even change some things but you have to leave her link on the bottom, it's only fair. I usually make my own templates but I wanted something simple and I loved this. I tweaked a few little things to my liking as well.

Facebook Landing Page- A lot of us have a page on facebook for our blogs for people to like and get updates on new posts. Pagemodo.com will walk you through making a landing or welcome page for your blog's fb page. Check out mine to see what I mean. Mama Mona on Facebook  (Like it while you're there?) It gives your page a nice, professional touch. The instructions are pretty easy to follow,  it's customizable and free!

Back To Top Button- If I may draw your attention to the right, you'll notice this button. It's a quick way to go back to the top of the page if you want to navigate to another link on the link bar or whatever. I found the ultimate, easy tutorial for this smooth, fading back to top button. I only changed 700px to 10px in the code to make it on the right instead of in the center.

EDIT: I have to say that I've currently uninstalled IntenseDebates because it was being buggy and wonky. Still working out if I'll just stick to blogger or what.

Intense Debate Comments- I replaced the blogger comments form with IntenseDebate. The blogger one is a pain and it doesn't support threads or comment luv. It's pretty easy to install but definitely set it to "new posts only" or you could lose your old comments. It can open in a pop up which is always better and you can customize the colors as well.

Twitter Status Display Widget-  I learned how to install it from this tutorial, but I edited the image to match my template. You have to have your tweets set to public for this to work, of course.

Make sure you download your template any time you're editing html so if anything goes wrong, you can restore it. If you would like more info or some help on any of these, please,  feel free to ask me. So how do you like the new look?


  1. I like the changes you've made. and it was really nice of you to show us exactly how you made those changes, alot of bloggers out there don't do that. so thanks.

  2. New Wife8:44 PM

    I like it a lot mashaAllah! It seems very functional and also super cute :-D

    I may use a few of these once I get around to actually customizing my blog inshaAllah... Thanks for the links!!

  3. Sabirahm8:48 PM

    I really love it! And I love commentluv. Need to add that. I'm using wordpress so will have to see if this works with mine. And the back to top is so convenient. I wish everyone would do it. I am going to try to spruce things up now. Thanks for the tips. You should continue this! I'm a newbie and this would really help.

  4. New Wife, Thank you. Feel free to ask me for any help, I love doing it.

    Sabirahm, Thanks so much! I like it too but unfortunately, I'm having trouble with intense debate. Its being very wonky and I might switch to disqus...Figuring it out.

  5. Denise Bomfim2:22 PM

    Mash´Allah!  Your blog is wonderful.
    I enjoyed reading it. I love Egypt...
    When you have freetime, visit my blog too.

    Greetings from Souh America,

  6. MamaMona2:45 PM

     Thank you Denise!

  7. Nice blog!Thanks for taking time to share your great experience and knowledge about the topic!Its been very useful for the newbies on bloging site.Great job done keep it...


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