January 6, 2012


I just wanted to share this little moment of happiness with you all.

2 weeks ago we forgot Safiyah's scooter at a outdoor cafe and didn't realize it until we were home. We tried to find a number for the place but couldn't and we figured it was long gone. Safiyah was sad but got over it since then. Fast forward today, we were sitting at that cafe again and my mom said I should ask if anyone found it. I genuinely scoffed at the idea and said "no way".  I mean I was sure that if someone saw it they'd take it home. And if someone who worked there found it they'd take it to their kid or sell it or whatever. My friends said I should ask, you never know and there's nothing to lose. I said, ok, I'll ask. I went in and said that we forgot a scooter here and he went into a room, I thought OMG, surely it can't be...and he walks out with Safiyah's pink scooter! I was floored. Tears came to my eyes. I mean, it's not the scooter. It was the fact that they kept it and waited 2 weeks until we asked about it. Safiyah was thrilled and my faith in humanity was restored! :)

I'm thinking maybe I should be less cynical sometimes yea?


  1. Great story and giving the benefit of doubt is a Good rule of thumb For everyone And makes one more tolerant.

  2. aaw, that's sweet. It's those random acts of kindness that make such an impact in this world.

  3. The world is not as dark as we make it out to be. That must have been awesome for Safy!

  4. That's wonderful :-) so good to know there are still good people out there :-)

  5. Masha'allah, how wonderful!

  6. alhamdulilah and mashallah :)

    I miss your blog so much, I'm glad it's appearing on my newsfeed... beyond excited actuallly, that it did.

  7. Danielle, you're right, :)

    Hagarabubakr, I agree, it's the little things!

    Eman, yea,lol you should have seen her run.

    Amalia, yea there really is.

    Panya, Good word to describe it.

    Perfectly.imperfect, aw, cool!

  8. That is so great! I guess we are all getting too pessimistic in life, it is good to have these kinds of reminders. :)



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