January 4, 2012


We all have them. I'm not even going to call them "Pet Peeves" cause I don't really get or like that phrase. In no particular order:

Lateness. I hate when people are late. Including myself. If someone is making me late, that reflects poorly on me. If you're going to be late, say more than 10-15 minutes, a call or a text is appropriate. Don't waste my time.

Littering. I've written about this here plenty. If you litter, you are trashy.

Unnecessary Noise. Tapping your pen, slurping your soup or drink, stomping your feet. OH MY GOD STOP IT! I know I have issues with this, I'm just a person who doesn't like a lot of different noises. I have to mute the tv and ask people to lower their voices when I'm on the phone.

Whining. This applies to kids, whining will get you nowhere with me. It will actually cement my feelings even more if you whine.

Food Getting Cold. I like to serve dinner right when it's ready. I plan it out and time the cooking so it's ready at dinner time. If it gets cold, that compromises the taste greatly.

People who leave the protective plastic on their stuff. This is to a lesser degree but it really bugs  me. I take great pleasure in removing the plastic on electronics and whenever I see that people have left it on, I secretly just want to peel it off. It's even worse wen there's one corner kind of peeled and dust under it. Just peel it off! It will feel good.

That's enough for now. What peeves you?


  1. My peeves list is too large to even get into it [starting with calling them "pet peeves"]! But I will agree with the electronics protectors. My husband always leaves them on when he gets a new phone, and in no time it's mussed up and dusty under the corners. Since he prefers the covers he actually went out and bought stickers that you can put on when you *have* to take the first one off, but he's not careful when applying them and the corners are already mussed from his fingers. Grr! He asks me to put them on now, but why does he have to have them at all?!? >:-(

  2. Great list!

    Also the cars that people keep the plastic covers on the seats on for so long so it will look like it's brand new even if you've had the car for months or a year already.

  3. 1. People who are rude and selfish. I can excuse bad days but some people are always rude even though you tell them what they're doing is rude they continue to do it to assert themselves.

    2. When clothes get wrinkled. I'm a bit OCD like that.

    3. Mothers (or parents, really) who smoke. Don't they love their children enough to quit??!!

  4. towels on carseats, toys all over the floor at night bc i like organized messes, peoples insensitivity to the homeless ('i cant believe my finger touched their sleeve"... big deal, wash it disecretly then! no need to be crass), giving house tours of my entire house as afghans seem to demand... i really, really, REALLY hate people in my bedroom who dont sleep there or arent my sister and kids.

    PS I kept the plastic on my laptop for months, lol >.< eventually my son took it off

  5. Panya, Lol, what's the "pet" part got to do with it?! If they are the kind that you buy for phone screens and they are properly applied, not detectable, I don't mind them for some reason. I still don't like them on my screen though.

    Amalia, Oh those are annoying. Or plastic on couches too.

    Shahira Elaiza, Rude people that don't even know when to quit, pssshh!
    Wrinkles suck and I hate ironing but it's inevitable. Smoking in the car with your baby is trashy, I see it and judge them.

    Lala, what's towels on carseats? I don't think I've seen that. Oh I'd definitely have a problem with house tours, I mean unless it's like a new house/housewarming party.

  6. I can't stand when people come to work sick & contagious. I'm sure there are more peeves but um feeling pretty chill right now!

  7. I can't stand being late either, I'm kind of OCD-ish about it. Can't stand to not know where I am going, I have a fear of being lost, lol. Can't stand getting my hands dirty... when cooking and I have to mix with my hands, it is the worst! Slurping, hate it! Litter, I agree 100%.
    I have ton's of other's but these are the one's that are on the 'top' :) I can't stand play doh either! All those little balls of it that get trapped in things, like table crevices and the carpet, ugh!
    Mona... could you share your Kosharee recipe please??? *whining voice* lol

  8. hmmm, worst or worse? I can't stand mis-spelling either :(

  9. iMuslimah, Yes. or send their kids to school sick or make non stop sniffling sounds, BLOW YOUR NOSE!

    Teri, Noisy drinkers, ugh. There's a pepsi commercial where you can here the guy swallowing, ugh..:::shudder::: You know, I never make Kosharee, its so readily available here but you can find recipes online, for sure. It's basically boiled macaroni, cooked rice, cooked lentils and the special sauce and fried onions but google Kosharee and good luck!

  10. yeah I agree with them all especially the protective plastic on, they are just THINGS.

  11. Jessyz, Yea or even worse the ad like stickers on a tv partially covering the screen. Keeping that sticker on isn't going to keep it new longer!


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