January 8, 2012


I do enjoy the nailpolish. I like to experiment with different looks and  Pinterest  always gives me new ideas.

Here's a few manicures I did recently.

There's gotta be a better way to store this stuff.
Basic French with a little flower sticker.  In the middle of the night I found out it's glow in the dark. I was like whaaa?
Here I thought I'd just do a  nice orange but then...

Got the idea to use tape and add black.
With glitter.

A whole mess of experimentation.

I sometimes have to stop myself from taking one manicure off just to try another. I try to keep it for a day at least. I'll even do one hand and the other hand another color, just playing around.I've even gotten good at painting my right hand.  Do you like painting your nails?


  1. We had the same idea! This is a pic of my nails from last week, using Sinful Colors #852 Gogo Girl, with L.A. Colors Color Craze silver glitter on top [my bottle doesn't have a color name/number & it's not on their website, but it's like CNP442 Goddess, with two sizes of silver glitter inside of clear lacquer instead of gold]:

  2. Panya, your nails are so pretty! I love the red and gold. I was trying to do this http://pinterest.com/pin/237494580319149481/ but it's not quite right!

  3. You have such gorgeous nails!!! I absolutely adore the 'lil flower!

  4. Hajar, aw thanks. I do too.

  5. Masha Allah good experimentation ... Love the lil flower :)

  6. Ms. Unique, Thanks :)

    Miss Hijabi, Yea I was just playing around. Thank ya.


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