January 23, 2012

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I can see it. Thursday is Zayneb's last exam and the official start of mid year break. It's been a month of exams and studying and nagging and all around general yuck. We'll have 16 days off and I plan to make the most of them.

We might go away for a few days to a resort or something, not sure where yet but it will be great to change scenery. Otherwise, inshaAllah, we'll go often, stay up later, watch movies and sleep in. Being in study mode makes it hard to feel free to relax and be carefree with outings, etc. because of the guilt. School is serious business here, people. Intense.

 Last week we had a kind of dish party to celebrate the end of exams. Even though we weren't done, most of our friends' were, and planned on going away, so we had it early.  Everyone brought a dish, savory or sweet and we met at a nice cafe.  My contribution:

They went fast! Some people smuggled some home, too.

This big orange cat was hanging around the whole time, sitting next to us and I just loved him. 

He was my buddy!


  1. Mona, your little buddy the orange cat is bigger than my dog!! I'm glad you had a great time and see the light. :)

  2. wow! that cookies looks delish! :)


  3. Salam Mona :),
    I wish you and your family nice holidays.Hm...so sweet your buddy there :)!

  4. Lizze, Thanks, yea he was huge, well fed.

    Mera, thanks :)

    Jasmina, Thank you, yep, I hope I find him there again next time. :)

  5. Yummmm! those cookies look so professional :-) Recipe please? And have a fun relaxing time with your family!

  6. I could go for a few of those cookies right about now. :)

  7. Pri, Thanks :) Recipe here.. http://www.food.com/recipe/lisas-swirled-chocolate-chip-cookies-101041

    and here


    But I just left out chocolate chips and put a few m&m's on top this time with the chocolate chocolate chip ones.

    HijabiMommy, heh, they're pretty easy to make.

  8. Cookies look awesome. Now I want some! Great work :)

  9. Umm Sultana, thanks :)

  10. Those cookies look sooo yummie!
    The cat looks like Garfiel :-)

    1. Thanks, yea they were. Lol he does.


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