January 16, 2012

Accessories And Storage

I got this idea from UmmSultana who got the idea from  Already Pretty about how to store brooches. I jumped into action and decided to use a crochet/lace type length of ribbon I had. I figured the holes will make it easy to pin brooches to it. So I nailed it to the inside of my wardrobe door like so.

Then I simply pinned all my brooches on there and they are easily visible and accessible. What do you think? I love it!

My mom gave me this cute little hanger for jewelery and I was really wanting something to hold my costume jewelery so this was perfect.

So I pinned this coat on Pinterest months ago and also blogged about it here.

 Since then, I got a simple pea coat but, really what I loved was the cute polka dot bow. So when I saw a bit of the same ribbon that my mom had, ding! Light bulb. I made this bow and sewed it to a pin. Here it is on my coat.

Lovely. I love little projects. Simple things, really. They make me happy :) What do you think?


  1. I still love that coat..lol Your pin is adorable. ;0) lizze

  2. Oh well! Go girl you are so fast!!! I love it of course, and the bow is adorable as well. Thanks for the link ;)

  3. Mashallah, Love the coat Mona,

    Great ideas for storing accessories..
    This post made me smile. :)

  4. Assalamualikum,

    Aww Masha Allah the coat is just so fabulous :) ....

  5. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Salam Mona :o),
    oh such a little cute post!I really enjoyed it and I'll sure follow your advice in regards to storage.Eh but the cute bow on the coat...wow...that's something I call a really fine thing.So sweet!

  6. Lizze, yea it's super cute, thanks:)

    Umm Sultana, lol, inspiration hits when it hits!

    Eman, thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    Ms. Unique, alaikum alsalam, yea it's very feminine and pretty.

    Jasmina, Thanks sweetie!


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