December 26, 2011


You post about what's on your mind right? Well the girl who was beaten in Tahrir is on my mind. I can't get her out of my head. I don't usually talk about politics on my blog and this bit of news has come and gone but it's just really bothering me.

I wont post the video or a photo, if you haven't seen it already, it's easily found on youtube by searching "blue bra girl".

I was horrified watching that as anyone would be but I'm also horrified by the reactions and responses I hear about it. Several women I've spoke to say things like:

"Why was she only wearing an abaya over her bra?, she should have been wearing something more underneath" 

 Like really, she should have known she was going to be beaten to a pulp and dragged through the street by her clothes, and dressed accordingly, right? I myself, more often then not wear an abaya without a shirt underneath. Why should I? I'm covered and it's no one's business what I'm wearing or not wearing under it.

"Why was she out there? She should have stayed at home"

Oh, is that because they aren't part of this country? Women aren't part of society and don't have the right to protest or fight for their country, huh?  SCREW THAT. The revolution is not over and going out there doesn't warrant the savage beating she received.

 "It's fake. It's a set up. That video was doctored"

 I don't buy that for a second. Some people here will believe anything. Like they can "photoshop" video? People are in denial. So that footage was some CGI or something?

The other thing is that people here keep referring to her as the girl who had her clothes pulled off or that had her bra show AS IF that is the issue. Is it really the fact that she was exposed the big crying shame here? NO. It's the absolutely barbaric pummeling of her body that is. You can't just gloss over that!

This is why people started a revolution in the first place. Basic human rights.  Where is the dignity when something like this is possible and to top it off, people blame the victim.  This woman could have been any of us, our sister, our friend. Any one of us could have been brutalized and humiliated like that. When such misogynistic, ignorant crap comes out of the mouths of other women, it makes me sick and it makes me angry.  Everyone should be.

I would really like to hear your opinions or feedback on this, whether you agree with me or not. I'd like to hear what other people think.

December 22, 2011


I want a kitty so bad. Today we were going to dinner and saw these two that seem to live in a hole in the wall in outside our building. They are so cute.  I love the little black one.

The kids loved looking at them and of course took photos like mom.:)

Then, after dinner, we went to buy some things and Dawood wanted to buy a fish. So we went to this pet shop. It's a sad place. As soon as we walked in, the cats started meowing. This mama cat and her kittens stole my heart.

I felt so bad for them, The kittens are being sold for 250LE each and they are still nursing from their mom. The little orange one kills me, shes so cute!!

If I had the room and no allergies I'd take them all home. Poor kittehs.

Oh yea, here's  Dawood's fish.  No name yet.

December 18, 2011

What's Up Lately

Random goodness coming atchya

My mom is here, it's nice to have her around. :)

Keep Egypt in your prayers, please. I don't like talking about politics here but I would feel odd not mentioning it.

I'm waiting on the school to give us the mid year exam and vacation schedule. Hoping we'll get it on Monday. I swear our school must be the slowest/latest with these things. People would like to plan around it, huh?

I'm thinking about doing a behavior/chore chart for the kids. It's worked before but we didn't stick to it. Any ideas?

Here are a few photos from when we were in Cairo last week for a minute. Really we went and came back the same day, just spur of the moment. We're weird. 

Dawood hitting some pins

Zayneb with a life size cut out of MJ

Safiyah thought Marylin might like a piece of her lollipop.

These are from the other night at a seafood restaurant that opened here recently. 
Zayneb and Salwa

Dawood and Safiyah

Me and Essam
  Yummy food

Check out all the new nai lpolishes I've got. The 3 glittery ones I got here, the rest my mom brought from the US.

 We baked some brownies tonight. This is all that remains. To be fair we gave some to my neighbor. This recipe is awesome.

 Now go and make some brownies. But write me a comment first.