December 18, 2011

What's Up Lately

Random goodness coming atchya

My mom is here, it's nice to have her around. :)

Keep Egypt in your prayers, please. I don't like talking about politics here but I would feel odd not mentioning it.

I'm waiting on the school to give us the mid year exam and vacation schedule. Hoping we'll get it on Monday. I swear our school must be the slowest/latest with these things. People would like to plan around it, huh?

I'm thinking about doing a behavior/chore chart for the kids. It's worked before but we didn't stick to it. Any ideas?

Here are a few photos from when we were in Cairo last week for a minute. Really we went and came back the same day, just spur of the moment. We're weird. 

Dawood hitting some pins

Zayneb with a life size cut out of MJ

Safiyah thought Marylin might like a piece of her lollipop.

These are from the other night at a seafood restaurant that opened here recently. 
Zayneb and Salwa

Dawood and Safiyah

Me and Essam
  Yummy food

Check out all the new nai lpolishes I've got. The 3 glittery ones I got here, the rest my mom brought from the US.

 We baked some brownies tonight. This is all that remains. To be fair we gave some to my neighbor. This recipe is awesome.

 Now go and make some brownies. But write me a comment first.


  1. you are your mum's twin

  2. I love Sinful Colors. It chips easily by itself, but covered with Seche Vite it lasts quite a while -- plus, it's usually $1.99 a bottle here, so it's totally affordable for great colors. Sadly, my very favorite shade "Burgandy Apple" [sic] was discontinued -- it was the absolutely perfect red for my skin tone. :-(

  3. Those Brownies look great. Isn't it just lovely when relatives come to stay?

  4. Hey! Love the pics of family wholesomeness mashaAllah:) I want to start baking again but haven't had the chance! Will check out this recipe, thanks!

  5. Miss Hijabi, Lol, everyone's always said that.

    Panya, I tried one and they are pretty good quality. I love the orange color and the sparkly pink. The red I have is called Gogo Girl.

    Ruby Tuesday, Yea, it's so nice, mashaAllah.

    Londoneya, Lol, alhamdulillah. Do try the brownies they are yummy.

  6. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Salam Mona :o),
    thank you for your idea on my fashion post...
    I really enjoyed this random post and I'm happy for you that your mother is visiting you.
    Hm...very,very nice nail polishes :)!
    I send you many greetings!


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