December 26, 2011


You post about what's on your mind right? Well the girl who was beaten in Tahrir is on my mind. I can't get her out of my head. I don't usually talk about politics on my blog and this bit of news has come and gone but it's just really bothering me.

I wont post the video or a photo, if you haven't seen it already, it's easily found on youtube by searching "blue bra girl".

I was horrified watching that as anyone would be but I'm also horrified by the reactions and responses I hear about it. Several women I've spoke to say things like:

"Why was she only wearing an abaya over her bra?, she should have been wearing something more underneath" 

 Like really, she should have known she was going to be beaten to a pulp and dragged through the street by her clothes, and dressed accordingly, right? I myself, more often then not wear an abaya without a shirt underneath. Why should I? I'm covered and it's no one's business what I'm wearing or not wearing under it.

"Why was she out there? She should have stayed at home"

Oh, is that because they aren't part of this country? Women aren't part of society and don't have the right to protest or fight for their country, huh?  SCREW THAT. The revolution is not over and going out there doesn't warrant the savage beating she received.

 "It's fake. It's a set up. That video was doctored"

 I don't buy that for a second. Some people here will believe anything. Like they can "photoshop" video? People are in denial. So that footage was some CGI or something?

The other thing is that people here keep referring to her as the girl who had her clothes pulled off or that had her bra show AS IF that is the issue. Is it really the fact that she was exposed the big crying shame here? NO. It's the absolutely barbaric pummeling of her body that is. You can't just gloss over that!

This is why people started a revolution in the first place. Basic human rights.  Where is the dignity when something like this is possible and to top it off, people blame the victim.  This woman could have been any of us, our sister, our friend. Any one of us could have been brutalized and humiliated like that. When such misogynistic, ignorant crap comes out of the mouths of other women, it makes me sick and it makes me angry.  Everyone should be.

I would really like to hear your opinions or feedback on this, whether you agree with me or not. I'd like to hear what other people think.


  1. I NEVER wear clothes under my abaya - except for pants but that's only because I have the fear of falling over in public and exposing my crotch.

    I don't get why anyone would wear clothing under their abaya anyway - why the need for another layer that will never be seen?

    Back to the real issue - I find a lot of "home-grown" Muslims in general to have a very backwards mentality when it comes to things like this. I've heard before people say stuff like "well if she wasn't out late a night and instead sitting at home with her father/husband then she would never have been raped/attacked", etc.
    Instead of discussing the real issue at hand they simply revert to blaming the woman for being a woman and not the real instigator.

  2. I am just as outraged. But mostly by people who are ignoring how badly she was beaten and focusing on how she was exposed. Or how they ignore the men and other women being just as badly beaten by the soldiers. I have been having nightmares about it. I was so shocked by people who have daughters themselves using the same arguments you mentioned or even other women who are calling her a w***e. in Islam you need 4 witnesses to say that a woman has committed adultery yet people find it totally acceptable to call a woman they know nothing about who was so viciously and vindictively beaten like that the worst names ever. I am so angry about this and extremely saddened about this woman. I pray that she is fine and healing because one wonders of she will make it alive out of this physically, emotionally or mentally.

  3. You said all that there is to say about this Mona, "Outraged". And totally disgusting. Man's cruelty toward MAN... astagfirullah.

  4. It's easier to blame the victim than to take a good look at the situation and figure out what is really wrong with people these days.

    What happened to her should have never happened to any woman. And it's sad that her identity is reduced to simply "blue bra girl". Honestly, why don't men have more respect for women these days? Without women they wouldn't even exist! And here they are abusing them.

    It's even worse when women join the bandwagon and don't show support for the sister in question.

    People lack rahmah (compassion) for one another. That's why the revolution began. But it won't go anywhere until people learn to practice what they preach.

  5. I am still so shocked every time I think about what happened to this woman. And the fact that women in her own country are saying such things?!!! That's even worse than those monsters that kicked, dragged and exposed her! And at the end of it all, those same women, will benefit from the revolution without putting themselves on the line like this brave revolutionary did *smh*

  6. Miss Hijabi, I know, now they are pointing out that it was a button up one so that makes it worse? Victim blaming is everywhere but it's definitely worse here.

    Jessyz, That's exactly how I feel. People even claim she went out there "like that" trying to get that exact thing to happen? That doesn't even make sense or help their argument! I wonder how she's doing every day.

    Teri, Exactly. It's like not another countries army has invaded, no these are Egyptians on Egyptians!

    Shahirah Elaiza, Yea, I feel a huge lack of compassion and empathy. I can't understand how anyone could watch that and put blame on her.

    Washi, Don't forget stomped on. Good point. Let's hope and pray for the best, inshaAllah.

  7. Salaam sister! Kudos for this post, the incident and the reactions really did deserve some critical comments aka outrage and youve put it so well. Its amazing how people ALWAYS have problems with women and the way they dress rather than the more pressing issue at hand.

  8. ugh!! i cried the first couple of times watching that video. the injustice, the cowardice... ugh just makes my blood BOIL. i noticed one soldier seemingly covers her up again after and keeps others away. thats it. and then people want to go and say these things? same attitude where the abuse came from. disgusting and sad.

  9. It's really sad that when a woman is victimized the first thing that comes to a lot of people's mind is what the woman was "doing wrong". This poor woman didn't ask for this and in no way deserved this. People need to get their priorities straight, and focus less on what she was or was not wearing. Very disappointing and sad.

  10. Pri, Thank you, yea it' seems that way.

    Lala, Same here. I don't know why they bothered after all that!

    Stacey, It's extremely sad, Thanks for your comment.

  11. SubhanAllah I keep hearing the same things you quoted and it makes me feel just as outraged! I can't believe the things people come up with, just so they can feel better that the people stomping the girl were not monsters! I think it's a disease that has been growing for the past few decades, that makes people disregard human rights and focus on making it the victim's fault. That way they don't feel like there's a terrible monster out there that will do terrible things to them if they ask for their rights!

  12. I agree with you completely. I don't understand how anyone can look at the pictures or video and even care what she was wearing under her abaya or whatever. It's the fact that her abaya was ripped off of her in the first place and she was beaten by the police! That is the issue here, not a damn blue bra. No one goes outside planning on being attacked and having their clothing ripped off... :-/

    Wallah, I feel so sad for her & watching the video is so hard :(

  13. I already responded on facebook but the video really disturbs me and I have been thinking about it alot as well.
    I really hope she is ok. There was also a video of the lady who tried to help and how she was beaten in the head.


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