December 22, 2011


I want a kitty so bad. Today we were going to dinner and saw these two that seem to live in a hole in the wall in outside our building. They are so cute.  I love the little black one.

The kids loved looking at them and of course took photos like mom.:)

Then, after dinner, we went to buy some things and Dawood wanted to buy a fish. So we went to this pet shop. It's a sad place. As soon as we walked in, the cats started meowing. This mama cat and her kittens stole my heart.

I felt so bad for them, The kittens are being sold for 250LE each and they are still nursing from their mom. The little orange one kills me, shes so cute!!

If I had the room and no allergies I'd take them all home. Poor kittehs.

Oh yea, here's  Dawood's fish.  No name yet.


  1. Oh I want a cat so badly as well! This post is not helping at all ;)

  2. As Salaamu Alaikum Mona, I was going to say "sister" but I thought I read somewhere that you don't like that or something like that, :) Anyway.. I LOVE your new blog banner (?) the thing at the top with looks to me like Wisteria? I love the colors and I can 'almost' smell them, so pretty! I love the little kitties too, they are so precious and playful... all babies are really the same when you think about it, the characteristics of being a 'baby' anyway... I'm off on a tangent now, lol! Your daughter looks just like you, masha'Allah! So pretty! I love your updates!
    Wa Salaam,

  3. Bri, sorry. I'm researching how to have a cat you're allergic to now.

    Teri, I don't think I said that. I don't mind Sister. Its just not something I say or that comes naturally. Thanks, yea I learned that is in a garden in Japan. I said the same thing when I saw the pic."I can almost smell it" Lilacs I think? Thanks :)

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Salam Mona :),
    I'd suggest to anyone to have a cat if it's possible.I've got a cat and believe me there's a strong connection between the two of us.It's something that grew through the years!One ends up not having just an animal,but a friend...if I may say so :).
    The kittens in your pictures are so cute.
    I send you many greetings!

  5. I love that when I read your blog I feel like I'm keeping in touch with a long lost friend =)

  6. Jasmina, I'm weighing my options, and thinking of adopting a cat. I'll never give that place money, they suck. Thanks

    Shahira Elaiza, Aw, that's sweet, thanks!

  7. I hate the conditions of pet shops in Egypt, they cram cats into small cages, it's heartbreaking! I love cats too, so much I have six lol! I adore black and white cats, it's really weird how Egyptians I know just want sherazi cats though, other cats are just as cute!

  8. Aw cute cats. I love them too!
    Hope to have one some day :) ISA

  9. I broke down and forced my husband to buy us a cat, he has regretted it ever since! My cat totally loves me though, and I snuggle with him all of the time. There is nothing like having a cat! <3


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