November 27, 2011

Who's In The Wrong Here?

So I witnessed a little situation yesterday while getting my highlights redone. (very happy with the results) So anyway, I go to this place that's owned by an Italian American woman and she employs a few European trained professionals. What's your take on the situation I'm about to describe?

While I was in full foil mode an Egyptian woman came in, holding a baby girl and wanted to get her nails done. She wanted french gels and that would take an hour and half. She didn't have an appointment and wanted to do this on the spot. I don't understand this at all.  Where did she plan on putting her baby while she had her nails done? Obviously she couldn't hold her, and there's no like, child care or anything. Why would she assume it was ok to bring her baby along?  The owner let her know it would be impossible and the woman called her sister to come watch the baby. The owner held the woman's baby girl while the woman had her nails started on for nearly an hour until the sister showed up with a baby of her own. She sat in the waiting area while the kids started to cry and fuss.

In that moment, my hairdresser said something like "Ayayay, in Europe it would be not possible to bring a child in to a beauty center, but I know this is Egypt and Egypt is Egypt" The Egyptian woman who came to watch the kids replied "I don't care for Europe or America, I'm here in Egypt and you should be grateful for Egypt because you are working in Egypt, and if you want more people to come here(the salon) you should be more nice" Then the hairdresser said, "Not for me, for client" She had a good point, I mean if someone comes in for a massage or a manicure even, whatever, they don't want to hear a baby crying. They came to be pampered and relax. The Egyptian woman got up and left to go sit in her car.

So I know that in Egyptian salons it's totally normal to walk in with no appointment. It's fine to bring your small child. And I know that we are in Egypt. But this is a place of business. Should things be lax like Egyptians like it, or should things go according to the place? I don't know if Egyptian clients would be annoyed by a baby, I would think anyone would be. I just can't understand how she came in with a baby. Where did she plan on putting her?! She wasn't even in a carrier or stroller or something. I guess it's clear what I think, but what do you think?


  1. i got a mani/pedi in egypt a couple days ago but my mothe rin law was sitting with my baby while i got it done. she had to because i dont speak arabic so she was there as a translator, therwise i wouldve left my baby with my MIL at home. the baby was fine and the salon ppl kept playing with her so it was all good. i think its normal for gypos, but not at all for foreigners. id never do that in australia though but the west in general is a lot more professional in these matters.
    i have no idea what she expected to be done with her baby as she came by herself. she shouldve organised something.

  2. See, that's understandable and it's good you had her with you so you wouldn't get ripped off.

  3. She's in the wrong of course... I mean to turn up without any to put the baby in... Or anyone to watch her.. I get as a mom that you'd want or need time for yourself but to not plan ahead..... Well, assuming the best and not the worst, maybe something really upset her and she just walked into the saloon to relieve her stress. Personally no matter what i would put my daughter first but... Different strokes and all that.

  4. My husband likes to tell me how South Africans have no respect (compared to Egyptians) blah blah blah, but this would never happen in a Cape Town salon!

  5. When I had my kids I knew that I would have to "sacrifice" some of the things I use to do or would have to at least cut down on doing them for a few years. People seem to want to live life the way they did before having children, whether it's partying, taking a poorly behaved aggressive child to the mosque or taking a baby into a salon. It's just inconsiderate and selfish behaviour.

    I'm glad the hairdresser said something though, a lot of people wouldn't, was the inconsiderate woman surprised?

    I don't know what Egypt is like in their salons, but I've had my hair done in Syria a few times and the amount of hairspray they use is literally sickening....I personally wouldn't want my baby breathing that in to begin with.

  6. I have been to the hairdresser only once since Nora was born and she did come with me but my MIL was there to watch her.
    There's no way I could take her if I was going on my own. Hence why I haven't been to a salon in forever. No one to watch Nora.

  7. I think there is a lack of respect for professional establishments in some places here. Customers want things their way and such, even if it goes against the ethos of the place. It's sad that the sister talked to the foreign lady this way, it's not a nice depiction of Egyptians, but I hope the hairdresser is wise enough to know that not all Egyptians are this rude and demanding.

  8. I can't imagine getting any kind of chemical treatment with a baby nearby, so I can't imagine showing up with a baby and expecting somehow, someone will watch the child AND having all those smelly chemicals applied at the same time. A quick polish change or a fast hair cut is sometimes needed with someone brought to mind the baby, but something that takes hours and is full of chemicals? That isn't healthy nor polite.

    I know that here in the states at even the most relaxed salons, they would likely tell you that the baby simply didn't belong in such an environment.


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