November 16, 2011

Recent Purchases

Here are a few things I bought during Eid.

I have been eying this ring at Accessorize for months but waited till I got it for 50% off :) Ain't it sweet?
Picked up this necklace too, I love that it has all colors and matches anything.

Like my new boots? They're super cozy and very cool.

Kind of childish? I don't care, I love stationary stuff.

My new purse! You know I love roses and I love the long cross strap.
And you KNOW I love pretty lining!

What do you think?


  1. oooo, goodies! Your ring, me likey! I love your necklace, the boots, the purse! I love bags and the lining is so pretty. Boots.. Egypt... boots-Egypt? ??? :-)

  2. Miss Hijabi, thanks :)

    Teri, Goodies! Lol yea, so we don't neeeeeed boots, but it does get cold in the winter and we like to have any excuse to wear them :)

  3. I love purse linings too! That one looks so pretty! And I love stationary! Hope you're feeling much better now. May Allah always bless you with good health.

  4. Ooohhh. I so want one of those rings!! Lol.


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