November 5, 2011

Happy Happy Eid

Any plans? We're just going to take the kids out to a movie, arcade and dinner. Most of our friends are away to visit family. I'm glad to stay local and enjoy the week off, inshaAllah. 

We're not the kharoof and fatta kind of Eid people. The food bank is a good way to go. We'll probably eat at Planet Africa or somewhere else. Hopefully, the kids will have a good time. We cleaned the apartment today and hung some decorations and balloons. I have some goody bags ready to surprise the kids with tomorrow. Hoping you all have a blessed and joyous Eid Al Adha.


  1. Eid Mubarak! Ooh goody bags that's a great idea, I'm going to have to copy that. We aren't doing anything special really, just the family having fun and going out for lunch or possibly dinner at a restaurant.


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