October 4, 2011


I love October. The weather gets cooler and it's my birthday month. :) Things are good, alhamdulillah, kids getting back into the groove of school, we're in a routine around here again.

My friend/neighbor had a baby a few days ago, he's so tiny and cute! Don't worry, I'm not getting baby fever or anything. I've had my share of babies and I'm happy with them, alhamdulillah. Other people's cute babies however, are great. You can play with them and hold them, and when they cry you can hand them off.

I really want to find some new good books to read. I'm looking for The Help but I can't find it here.  Any good book recommendations?

So E came back from a business trip recently and brought these lovely sweets from Tunisia. They were gone in less than a day. 

Pretty huh?

I also got a beautiful gift in the form of this gorgeous bag. I love it. Gray is my new favorite color and it's so soft and has pretty lining and pockets and I like that it's a shoulder bag and not too big or small...Good job E!


  1. The purse looks lovely.

  2. I suggest, the Shopaholic series.

  3. Just finished reading Desperate in Dubai. You can give it a go. And there are these 3 books by the Swedish author Steig Larsson:
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    The Girl Who Played With Fire
    The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
    (All 3 are totally different stories)
    I have read the first one and liked how the author has woven the tale.
    I am guessing you can find a digital version of these online if you don't manage to get a physical copy.
    That's all I can remember for now ;) and hope you win that abaya designing contest Enshallah! :)

  4. Hebah, thanks. I Read Shopaholic Abroad and Shopaholic and Baby, funny stuff.

    Zee, Thanks, I'll look for those, I'm sure I've seen one of the "girl" books in a local place. Thank you :)


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