October 21, 2011

Let's Talk About Shoes, Again

I love how high heels look. I love the height they give me. I don't love how they feel. Last week I saw these shoes in a shop and thought, hmm, will I wear these? I kept thinking of them all week and how they match my new bag and how pretty they are. Today, I bought them.  I figured, I'll wear them for sitting only outings.

So I got them home and walked around a bit. Although they are my size, they kind of slipped off my heel a little. The smaller size was too small. I ended up cutting an insole from one of Dawood's sneakers that are too small for him to my shoe and shoving it in there. It made a huge difference but I'm still not going to walk a lot in them.

 Tonight, we went to the promenade. I wore them, loved how they looked, and sat at the cafe, no problem. I even had my flip flops in a bag in my purse just in case.

If you are vertically challenged as am I, do you like to wear heels to add some inches?  I'm 5'2" but today when I was standing in the bathroom mirror I was surprised at how high up in the mirror I was, also when I had to bend down to kiss my friends hello.
 I ended up wearing the flip flops to go to the supermarket after. Nothing worse than someone walking in heels they can't walk in, or are obviously in pain from.  I love my new sitting shoes though.

Now wedges, wedges are my best friend. Most of  my shoes are wedges. They are easy to walk in, make me taller and still look cute. 

I love that it's warm enough during the day here and most of the year to wear sandals/mules.

Don't get me wrong, I love flats too but they need to have some support, not the flat on the floor flats that I see. There are so many cute ones but they are just as uncomfortable to me as heels if there's no arch support. These are the only flats I own right now 'cause I can't find the right ones.

I actually bought these one Eid when I was at the mall, wearing heels and I just couldn't take it anymore. What? I needed black flats anyway.

When comfort is essential, it's either my Aerosoft flipflops or my Adidas Stan Smiths.

I practically lived in these this summer.

With the right casual abaya, I love this look.

What do you prefer? Stilletto heels? Wedges? Flats? Sneakers? Flip Flops? Or a mix?

October 10, 2011


Today, my youngest, Safiyah turns 7 years old. Safiyah has always been such a funny, smart, free, adorable girl and I hope it never changes. She's still in that great age where she doesn't care what anyone thinks and has all the confidence in the world. Here's a little trip down memory lane with Safy.

The last photo was taken today at dinner. She makes us laugh on a regular basis with the things she comes up with. Today when she woke up, she announced that she felt 7 awy (very 7) :)

October 4, 2011


I love October. The weather gets cooler and it's my birthday month. :) Things are good, alhamdulillah, kids getting back into the groove of school, we're in a routine around here again.

My friend/neighbor had a baby a few days ago, he's so tiny and cute! Don't worry, I'm not getting baby fever or anything. I've had my share of babies and I'm happy with them, alhamdulillah. Other people's cute babies however, are great. You can play with them and hold them, and when they cry you can hand them off.

I really want to find some new good books to read. I'm looking for The Help but I can't find it here.  Any good book recommendations?

So E came back from a business trip recently and brought these lovely sweets from Tunisia. They were gone in less than a day. 

Pretty huh?

I also got a beautiful gift in the form of this gorgeous bag. I love it. Gray is my new favorite color and it's so soft and has pretty lining and pockets and I like that it's a shoulder bag and not too big or small...Good job E!