September 7, 2011

Vacation Pics

We spent 5 days in Marsa Alam at a resort called Iberotel La Maya,( in case anyone was interested) It was really relaxing and fun. I thought the hotel staff was super friendly and personal and no one said a thing to me about swimming in my hijabi swimwear. I did get stares from foreigners but I made a point to smile at everyone who made eye contact and I everyone smiled back. The assumption is I don't speak English so I witnessed a few double takes. I kind of made a game of it. Seeing who would make eye contact while passing, and smile back, say good morning. The place was immaculate and service was great. The food was delicious, I really had no complaints. We swam every day and the kids had a blast at the aqua park. 

First day, getting in some pool time before sunset.

The sun setting over the mounta

Just hanging out

The kids with Essam in one of the rooms

Stopping on the way for a photo

At the restaurant

Getting ready to slip and slide.

Going to dinner

Dawood took full advantage of all inclusive at all times.

Wating for the boat, me and my kids.




The sun's in my eyes!

On a boat excursion


The boat had a submarine level with big windows and it was fantastic!

It's hard to capture through the glass but it was gorgeous.

Pretty fishies!

This was my favorite part, it was surreal!

It's Crush!

Last day, swimming before check out.

Dawood, one last ice cream :)

I read 2 of the books I bought, Shopaholic Abroad and The Lovely Bones. Shopaholic was a nice light funny read. It was enjoyable. The Lovely  Bones was haunting and emotional. I kind of teared up by the pool a few times reading it. It's really tragic but beautifully written. I'm starting on another book now, "Revenge of a Middle Aged Woman" I'm a few chapters in but can't really get into it. 

Anyway I hope you all had a great Eid!


  1. mashAlla :) nice collection

    i didn't go to marsa alam before and i think it'll be a choice in a near time

    God keep all your family, and happy feast for you all

    so.. don't you ever read Arabic literature?

  2. Beautiful mashaa Allaah :-) I was saying the same thing about the sea turtle lol :-)

  3. Very nice!! my fav. pic was Safy's smile. You looked radiant and usual :)
    Eid Sa3eed..

  4. MashAllah very nice vacation, looks a gorgeous place!

  5. Masha'Allah Mona! You have a beautiful family. I love, LOVE your style as well! Wish that I could find abaya's here to fit me like yours. Your boat excursion looks like it was truly breathtaking. Who but Allah, swt, could make such beauty, I ask you? I'm glad that you all had a nice Eid!

  6. Salaam sister. Lovely pics and you have a very very pretty smile mashallah :-)Seems like a fun place to go with the family!

  7. Bothayna, yea, Marsa Alam is beautiful. My Arabic reading is pretty weak. I grew up in the US and went to public school, was never taught proper Arabic. I can read Egyptian Arabic but ssslllloooowwwwllly.

    Asiya, lol, thanks :)

    Dr. N, me too!!

    Muslim Convert, alhamdulillah.

    Teri, well said, Thanks!

    Maktub, aw thanks it's definitely good for kids for the aqua park.

  8. Eid Mubarak! I'm glad you had a good one :)

  9. Susu, Thanks so much.

  10. Wow your kids have grown up so much!
    It looks like a nice and relaxing trip :)

  11. Nice vacation!!!! Such a blessing. Looks like a fun time. MashaAllah your children are BEAUTIFUL and your daughters look like you.
    I like your hijabi fashion sense too!

    Eid Mubarak and salama sis :)



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