September 12, 2011

Getting My Hair Done

So I have an appointment next week to get my hair colored. Right now my hair is very dark brown and a bit past my shoulders. The roots are lighter than the ends though, I guess from dying it before so I'm going to ask for an even chestnut brown with caramel highlights. I don't want any redness though, I'm going to stress that.

I've found some photos of what I'm looking for.

Natural, but I'd like more highlights.

While watching Michelle Phan's latest Youtube video I noticed her highlights are a nice shade.

This chick, I don't know her name, she was on Parenthood but anyway I like that the base color is still dark enough not to be too high maintenance. Think it would magically transform me into her?... I kid.

Nice highlights, Ms. Alba.

Cheryl Cole again, very similar to the no name girl above.
 I've found this place, it's run by an Italian/American woman and her colorist is brilliant according to the before and photos I've seen on her fb page. I don't want it to be toooo drastic or light so I'm not having to do my roots in 6 weeks. Plus I've tried going light and it just doesn't suit me. Which photo(s) should I show the colorist?


  1. Pics of the nameless chick and Cheryl Cole! ;)

  2. I agree Cheryl Cole....I don't know about Michelle Phan's highlights some of then look a little on the grey side.

  3. Cheryl Cole!! I wish you could share the end results too but I'd be wary myself :/ I love your blog btw, lol I don't know why you make such run-of-the-mill type stuff so much fun!

  4. Show all of them, that way they get the best idea of what you're after.

    BTW, that's Minka Kelly.

  5. The no-name girl. I have to vouch for Italian hair stylists being very clever. I lived in Italy for 3 years and my hair has never looked better than then. I, on the other hand, just did my own coloring yesterday in an attempt to go a tiny bit lighter....and somehow ended up darker. Definitely something best left to the professionals. I can't wait to hear about your final results.

  6. yes :) that no name girl has the best one
    go for it.. hope you get a nice result
    i use henna ^_O
    and it suits me very well..recommended :D

  7. Ohhh Mona, I like them all so show them all. Personally I like the #1 lady and Jessica Alba's hair, but if you really like Cheryl's or the no name woman - tell them that!!
    I'm excited to see the results.. Lizze

  8. Hey, thanks everyone for all your input. I'll show them all just to be clear and explain what I want.

  9. Go with the color you are least likely to pick..... Have fun you may love it!!!! Can always change next time.

  10. No name girl = Minka Kelly, or Lyla Garrity if you're into "Friday Night Lights".

    Love the colour, I have been toying with the idea of getting my hair coloured for the very first time.

  11. I went auburn haired again a few months ago, after 6 years. I love it, but learned this week, don't get a touch up in the mall if they say "I will TRY to match the color".

    I ended up with lighter roots. OOPS. I had convinced myself it wasn't too noticable, until my friend's daughter said "I love how it goes from light to darker at the ends!"
    Just thought I would share my haircolor story. :)


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