September 15, 2011

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fix it
unannounced guests

So today I was in a really talkative mood and had a bunch of things I wanted to post/talk about but I was busy, so I kept a post page open, and typed in topics that came to mind as the day progressed. That's the list you see above, in that order.  So here it goes:

Identity, This ended up way to long for a random post so it's gonna get it's own post. 

Sandals, Why is it that I can't find some nice sandals that aren't completely flat like I'm barefoot or with high heels? I'm living in my Aerosoft flip flops (I have 3 pairs now) lately 'cause nothing can compare to their comfort. I need a little arch support, man!

Fix It, A few days ago, I felt like a super fix it electrician. A fuse blew, we had our fridge, TV, receiver, phone and net router in one power strip for years now (bad) but anyway, the switch in the fuse box wouldn't turn back on, so I tried the fridge's plug in another place, then that fuse blew. Along with a bunch of sparks and zaps and the plug got all burnt. So I was thinking the fridge is fried. Awesome. 

We were on our way out to the beach so I just left it, the stuff was still ok for a few hours. My told me it might just be the plug and I could just change that. So on my way home I picked up a big plug and a couple of new power strips and got to work. I  cut and stripped the fridge cord and installed the new plug, wrapped it all up nicely with electric tape and used an extension power strip to plug it in another room. It worked! I was doing the "I'm awesome" dance, and requesting high fives and fist bumps from the kids who were like, wha? Oh, yea... good job. Oh and then I called my friend to say thanks for the idea.

School, School starts on Saturday for us and we're almost ready. We bought the books, uniforms, socks, supplies, labeled everything, covered all the books and notebooks. Man it's alot of work and we haven't even started yet. The summer homework is almost done, such a headache. I want to rally and get less or no summer hw next summer. They assign a ridiculous amount and request things such as 2 posters for the school that you have made for 50 le a pop at a print shop, and to burn a CD with patriotic or mother's day songs and print out the lyrics in addition to the actual homework!

Hair, I have to reschedule my appointment now because the school is having half day the first week. Argh.

Unannounced Guests, I'm not a fan. I enjoy people coming over for tea or conversation, especially if I like them, but to show up or call 10 mins before? Not convenient. I might be in the middle of something, or have nothing to offer you.  But here, you have to say "ahlan wa sahlan" (welcome) you can't say Oh it's a bad time.  Not a huge deal, but a little bothersome. 

Well that's all for this edition of Random.


  1. Do you HAVE to say it though? I would (and have) either hide and not answer the door or just straight out say "can't do it today". I hate when people just pop on over with no notice. Your house could be messy, you might not be dressed, you just might not be in the mood, etc.
    I actually think it is really rude.

  2. Same in Jordan. You couldn't tell people you were busy or didn't want guests. Not that I was saying much to anyone though lol.


  3. Although if I was in the house by myself, I would just not answer the door. I hated having to try to communicate. Arabic is hard for this white girl!

    Now I live in the boonies, and rarely get visitors. Although if I did I might clean the house more lol.

    Give me my American culture, and my peace and quiet!


  4. I loved this post Mona :-)

    Aerosols, totally feel ya on that one...every time I wear mine that song "nothing compares 2 u" by Sinead O'connor comes to mind lol!

    Fix it, go girl! Woot woot! Housewives Rock and Roll and

    School, omg you did all that already??? I still have to cover notebooks and stuff and we start Saturday too!!! What is up with the summer projects man??? That is a bummer! Totally defeats to meaning of uh....VACATION!!!

    Hair, aww inshaa Allaah it'll get done :-)

    Unnanounced guests, I don't play that unless it's someone I'm really close with and being unkempt and having a messy house/kids isn't an issue with for me with them. I can't count the number of times I just didn't answer the door on people who just popped up. I just find that really rude and my husband gave me the green light for not answering the door saying that in this society it tells people in an indirect manner that now is just not a suitable time. We live on the ground floor and my kids are nosey lol, so any car the pulls up they're straight to the window checking out who it is.

  5. Samme for me, I need to be in the mood to receive ppl, even the ones I that I live in Norway I'm so happy I can say "No, I can't today" and ppl will not get upset :-)

  6. Miss Hijabi, most of the time it's a call 10 mins before, on their way. Alhamdulillah it doesn't happen too often.

    Anisah, lol, yea, we did a quick scramble to clean up some.

    Asiya, thanks :) Lol I thought the same thing posting that!, I need that sole in all shoes. Yea I felt pretty good about ma skillzzzz on the fix it front. Wow, I didn't know about that unspoken rule. Kinda awkward, no?

    Nina Red, That's just normal to me, here people are all up in everyone's business.

  7. Mona, I love this post...makes me grin broadly while reading at my colleagues all wanna know what's so funny :D


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