September 6, 2011

Eid Day, Late.

This is almost a week after Eid, I didn't have time to make a post that night and we got back from Marsa Alam on Sunday. Hope you all had a good Eid.

I made this cake the day before Eid, hoping that it would be Tuesday, and it was alhamdulillah. Tried to make roses but couldn't so just did swirls.

The night before Eid, Party Poppers

Waiting for the Free Eid Movie with friends. (Hop, it was cute)

Dawood with a friend

Salwa at the play area
Safiyah didn't want to leave the play structure for a pic.

At dinner, Safiyah fell asleep

We went to a cafe after dinner.

Safy, Me & Salwa
The kids, Safiyah's awake again.

It was a great day, alhamdulillah, we were excited for the next day to go on vacation, picture post coming soon!


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Mashallah your kids are so cute! I love the way you accessorise your abaya by the way, people don't really do that much here in Oman, which is a real shame.
    It is also lovely to see things being put on for the kids. All they really do in Oman is charge parents for entering play areas or hand out a couple of sweets in the middle of Ramadan for that children's day that I forgot the name of!
    OB x

  2. As usual children are adorable and you are so put together! I really liked Hop as well..hehe

    Did I ever mention that our kitchens and cabinets are the same? I just noticed so probably not! LOL

  3. Paint color I meant. I'm tired. ;0)

  4. Your children are so cute mashallah and I especially liked the picture of Safiyah sleeping :-) Allah ikhalilik yahoum
    By the way, the cake looks yummy ;-)


  5. TheOmaniBrit, thanks, I don't know it either.

    Lizze, it's actually my living room, yes, my fridge is in the living room! Happens a lot here, kitchen's too small. Thanks.

    Nina Red, aw, thanks! Ameen.


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