August 14, 2011


Just some things that are running through my mind.  My brother is coming to visit next week! I'm really happy to see him. He's great, we get along and laugh so much. It's a short visit but I'll take what I can get.

Ramadan is almost half way through, it just flies by. I don't know why but as far as house work (besides cooking) I get super lazy during Ramadan. It's not so much laziness, I don't know during the day I'm too hot and thirsty to do a lot of cleaning and cooking iftar in the hot kitchen is enough.  I always leave the laundry till evening. It's too hot to go in the balcony and hang it on the line or collect it.

We keep meaning to have a dish party/ potluck iftar with some friends and it's just not happening. We get into this routine and go out like once a week to buy food or something. Yesterday we went out for iftar which was a nice break from cooking and a good change of pace. 

Still need to get Eid clothes. I hope. I'll be good with a new pair of black shoes which I need. I still have a new abaya I haven't worn yet. The kids always get new clothes on Eid and new pjs too so that's something I need to get done. Hopefully shops won't be super crowded. I hate crowded stores and people who just stand in the way or take forever in the fitting rooms. Especially with 4 kids, I get so frustrated especially when the kids are being picky or whatever. Lately Essam has been taking them clothes shopping, one at a time and it goes much smoother.

School wont start till mid September. We still haven't finished the summer HW. blah.  I kept talking to other parents from the school to get together to rally and change some things about the school, like a mini revolution but no one is getting on board. Even though everyone complains about the school. Lame.

Anyway hope all of you are doing fine, till next time. :)


  1. It is very irritating when parents or the public in general complain so much about everything but refuse to get on board to express it vocally. We have the same problem in India. People just don't express their feelings openly. I don't know why, maybe they have a fear of being rejected or being judged or whatever. Whatever be it, in truth it is a double-faced life.

  2. I am in a rut too with the cooking. I guess during regular times if the meal isn't the healthiest occasionally I'm ok with it or we might grab some fried chicken, etc. Also meal timings now are really strict so it makes it more of a "job" than my usual chore. lol

  3. over here, people usually shop for eid clothes, two weeks before ramadan, or the the last day of ramadan, that's when the stores get really crowded.
    I hate crowded stores----where you have people shoving you, and bumping into you, and very few people say, "excuse me" over here.
    they'd rather make noises, or shove you out of thier way.

  4. you know what sucks about private blogs? they dont show up in your feed so you have no idea what is going on.

  5. Zee, wise words.

    Umm Aaminah, right, it's the deadline!

    Hebah, Where do you live? I can't stand rude people.

    Miss Hijabi, I know, it's a pain. I suppose I could make a fb page and invite only the readers on here and update that when I write a new post?

  6. Blah how unexciting of them! But as for eid shopping, hoep it goes well inshAllah. Try to post pics! I'm in a huge eid mood lol

  7. Lala, I'll try, can you believe only 10 more days left?


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