August 28, 2011

Er...Scratch That & Books

So, I edited my Eid outfit. As pretty and cute those shoes were, I had to exchange them. I really liked them but to be honest with myself, I have no place to go with them. Nowhere appropriate anyway. I'm a casual girl in general, and as much as I wanted to rock a that sleek black look on Eid, let's face facts. This ain't the Gulf. I can't pull off the cool khaliji look here in this casual beachy town.

Besides, If Eid is on Tuesday, we're going to a fair/kids party type deal at the mall and then to dinner with friends. If Eid is Wednesday, we're going away to a resort for a few days so, yea, not wearing black there. SOOOOO, if Eid is Tuesday, I'll wear the abaya I mentioned earlier to the mall with a light yellow under-scarf and a grey crinkle scarf and the wedges I exchanged the heels for to have a more casual look.
That's not dirt in my tiles but shitty craftsmanship.
Now, I know they are not nearly as WOW as the other ones but I had to think practically.  Next chance I get I'm going to buy some nice heels like that but in leather rather than satin, so they're more wearable, inshaAllah.

So we're all set for Eid inshaAllah. Got all the kids' stuff, I just need to finish packing and clean up the apartment a bit. I love coming home to a nice clean place. 

I got a few books from this used book place I found, I needed some reading for vacation.  I've been looking for "The Lovely Bones" For a while now. The other 3 I just picked cause they looked interesting.

Anyone read any of these?


  1. Shopaholic's really funny :D

  2. Those heels were cute, but the wedges are more practical.

    I read The Lovely Bones. I didn't like it. But I've experience with some of the subject matter, so maybe I'm biased.

  3. I read The Lovely Bones and I liked it, it was MUCH better than the movie! I like the wedges better, sorry I'm not a 'fru-fru' kind of girl, I'd probably break my neck in heels, lol :) Have fun with your family and in advance, Eid Mubarak!

  4. I read 3 books of the shopaholic series and if I remember well Shopaholic aborad is the second one...Anyway, they are hilarious, I hope you'll like it...

  5. Ashes, I'm 3 chapters in, it is. :)

    Panya, I've heard there's a graphic violent scene, I can understand.

    Teri, The book's always better isn't it? I'd like one instance where a movie is better than the book! Thanks! :)

  6. Nina Red, yea I saw the movie and this refers to stuff that happened there, it's cute.

  7. Salaam sister :-) I absolutely loved those satin heels, but Im all for dressing appropriately :-) Another sensible choice I see you make mashallah :-)

  8. Nice shoes :)

    I read the Lovely Bones - much much better than the movie. The movie was awful. I keep thinking to read the Sophie Kinsella books but I don't have time to read lately.


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