August 5, 2011


Hey, hope everyone's Ramadan is going well inshaAllah. We are well Alhamdulillah, fasting has been fairly easy, just that last half hour that gets me but it's probably cause my kids are constantly like "25 minutes left!.... 17 minutes left!!...11 minutes!...4 MINUUUUUTESSS!

My laptop seems to have bit the dust, or something, needs to be fixed, I have a lot of photos and stuff on there. I'm writing this on my phone which is easier than I thought it would be.

We are trying to finish up the summer homework the kids got. It's such a pain, trying to get kids to sit down and do math and stuff on summer vacation? Not easy. And the fact that the school gives them homework over the summer at all, and a lot of it. Come to think of it, their reports are on my laptop. It won't turn on. Or it turns on a few seconds then shuts off. Hope to get it fixed soon inshaAllah.

I'm just blabbering on here, gonna start cooking in a bit. Might attempt a cheesecake this week, a real one, none of that no-bake nonsense. ;)


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Ramadan Kareem to you and your family :) This is my second year fasting and alhamdulillah it is going well so far!

    I have a strange question for you. My husband (Egyptian) really loves the Egyptian version of arayess, but I forgot what the name of it is in Egypt. It is basically minced lamb or beef mixed with onion, chilli & spices then sandwiched between two flatbreads and grilled. Do you know a recipe for it? I can't find it and want to surprise him with it for Ramadan :) hope you can help. Thanks, OB x

  2. Salaam sis. My laptop did that before and it was a combination of a bad batter coupled with a faulty charger. I know that's pretty basic but sometimes we don't think of the obvious. :-)

  3. we all get tired at this last half hour :) my son always ask then; did you finish cooking? as if he can eat if i'm finished :))

    for TheOmaniBrit .. did you mean " hawawshi ?

    i guess you described it :))

  4. TheOmaniBrit, alhamdulillah,that's great. I think it's Hawawshi, we just get it ready made but I'm sure you can find recipes online with that spelling or a variation of it, inshaAllah. :)

    Umm Aaminah, yea we sent it to get fixed but it did the same thing again, guess that guy didn't really fix it huh?!

    Bothayna, Lol, yea I think that's it. :)


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