July 20, 2011

What I Bought

A few days ago I was at Accessorize because I heard they were having 70% off. I've been wanting a bag from there for a long time. Last time there was a clearance, all the bags were snatched up before I could get there. I picked up this one here.

I chose this one because it's got the long strap so I can wear it across. I like bags that are slings like that since you can have your hands free. Shoulder bags never stay on my shoulders, I must have slope-y shoulder syndrome. Anyway, It's a nice size without being humongous, it's canvas with a lot of beading and embroidery while still being casual. It also has a pretty coral/pink lining :). I'm trying to get away from the "My bag and shoes must match exactly" thing.

Pretty bird, heart and other little things sewn on the front clinched the sale.

I also got these rings from there. They are sterling silver and I thought they were pretty and delicate/dainty.

I'd seen this key chain a while back but at regular price it was ridiculous. Yay for 70 % off! From Aldo.

I do love shopping so.


  1. Assalaam waliekum.
    That bag is GORGEOUS!!!! masha'allah. I love it.

  2. mashaAllah i love rings that have braided or knotted metal :-D so cute!

  3. Gail, thanks!

    NeverEver, Thank you, I love the braid the best!

  4. Mash'Allah..I love Accessorize..and the bag is practical and girly too...result..
    I too have 'coat hanger shoulders' so love cross-body bags...there's nothing more annoying or uncomfortable than constantly having to hoick your bag up or walk around with one shoulder hunched all day...

  5. June Seghni, yea I like that it's casual and fancy all in one. Agreed, yay for cross body bags!

  6. I LOVE the bag! Me and my sister in law are gonna hit accessorize tomorrow. Gorgeous x

  7. UmmUmar, Thanks! Hope you find some great stuff.


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