July 15, 2011

Ramadan, Quickly Approaching

All of a sudden, Ramadan is around the corner. It may start August 1st, depending on the Lunar calendar. That's right about 2 weeks. I really would like to make the intention now, to get the most out of Ramadan both spiritually and in the worldly sense, if that makes....sense.
  • First of all I want to read Qur'an every day, inshaAllah. I always make the excuse that it's hard for me in Arabic, well, whatever, reading in English is better than nothing. I know there are those who are going to be all "well you know, no translation is ever going to be the true meaning..." but I feel it's a step. I want to get one a mus-haf that has the arabic/english and phonetic together. That would be ideal. 
  • Secondly I want to try to observe my fast in a better way. Not just abstain from food, etc, but to be more patient, calm and reflective. I keep telling the kids that fasting includes speaking kindly and all of that and I should be an example by not screaming at them for fighting and so on. 
  • Third of all I want to go all out. I want to make Ramadan and Eid the best, most fun and happy memory the kids have. Remember my post on The Lure of Christmas? Well, now it's time to put it into play. I want us to make traditions. More than the usual ones we always do. I want us to pray jama3a and let them help me make iftar. I'm going to get loads of decorations, twinkly lights and lanterns and it's going to be gaudy. But kids like gaudy. InshaAllah I want Eid to be a big deal.  

It's a humble list, I think and very doable, inshaAllah. So tell me, what do you do in Ramadan that's out of the ordinary besides fasting? Any family traditions or plans of?


  1. Well, I come from a big family so we draw up an iftar roster before Ramadan so everyone can be on the 'same page' and not double-book iftar visits with in-laws or friends. It's a really big deal in our family but I love it as we see so much of each and everyone gets a turn to play hostess. I especially love that we then all pray jama'ah like we did when we were kids growing up with our Dad and uncle. And of course, we always get tearful coz we miss them!!

    Looking forward to reading your post-Ramadan posts to catch up on your family's doings during the month and Eid inshaAllah.

    PS: I also want a mus-haf with the phonetic as well as the Arabic/English iA

  2. I really can't believe Ramadan is so near! I usually like to make egg rolls and samosas and freeze them for easy iftaars on days I have no energy to cook a real dinner.

    And for Eid, I just like to clean the house up really well and make some snacks to munch on throughout the day.

    When we were younger, we used to put up lights all around the house and my sister and I would decorate our hands with henna. Insha'allah, can't wait to do this when my girls are a bit older.

    BTW, I love those videos you've been posting!

  3. Allahuma baligna Ramadan - Oh Allah, let us reach Ramadan.

    I think your list of goals are excellent. Many times people take on more than they can handle. Your list is definitely practical. May Allah (swt) make it easy for you.

  4. Washi, Back growing up in the US, we had weekly iftars at all my aunt's houses, it was great.

    HijabiMommy, I wish I could cook ahead, the most I'll do is make extra ground beef or something. I'm cooking new food every day in Ramadan, unless we're going out. It's tiring but it's not extravagant. I want to do Henna! Thanks, glad you like the vids. I'm open to suggestions on those.

    Saba, Yea, I was trying to be realistic. Thanks Ameen.

  5. Last year I started a tradition where I decorate the house with the kids' help and buy treats for them. I invited my whole family (inlaws) over for Eid. This year I, insha Allah am having a henna party for my sisters in law and I. I'm really excited!

  6. Hijabi Apprentice, I'm liking the Henna idea. We also do firecrackers and stuff at iftar time.

  7. Tahasmum7:16 AM

    Love all the ideas masha Allah!
    My little guy is only 2 so he still doesn't really get what it's all about I think. But I'll probably decorate a bit too :-).

    My husband and I sometimes pray "tarawee7" at home together as he can't always go to the Masjid on weekdays where we live... I'm looking forward to seeing my little guy "pretend pray" next to us this year :-).

  8. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Those are lovely goals! I hope you have a great Ramadan. Love, Dayna

  9. Tahasmum, That's cute, Thanks:)

    Dayna, thanks you are really sweet.


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