July 24, 2011

Chip In!

Is this image hard to look at? Well, look at it. Scrolling down or looking away doesn't make it less true. Children like this one are starving to death. The good news is, you can help.

If I may draw your attention to the sidebar. Please donate what you can to help starving people in Somalia. We can all spare something. Even if it's only one dollar, that will make a difference but please donate as much as you can. It's completely secure, by PayPal. Ramadan is upon us and we should give alms, this is a quick and easy way to do your part. Click "Chip In!" to make a donation.

If you have a blog or website please consider asking your readers to chip in as well. Let's just take a small break from the fashion, shopping and humor posts to address this important issue.  Add this widget to your sidebar for this month to help spread the word. Just click "copy" and paste it in to an HTML gadget on your page.


  1. Salam aleykum, how does this money donation works? Will it go 100% to the children or who is behind it?

  2. UmmAli, please see muslimaid.org
    One of the other bloggers emailed them and posted their response and they said 100% of it reaches the people They take no admin fees.
    The only thing is that since we are collecting thru paypal that paypal takes a small (2%) fee out of it
    but we cant do anything about that.


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