June 5, 2011

Vacay Episode Two: The Rest

Well, there's not a whole lot else to tell, the food was good. Really never felt hungry before a meal because we never got a chance to get hungry. It was all inclusive and 3 buffet style meals a day and each night they had a theme. Once was German, another was Seafood, and another night was Far Eastern Food. The waiters would wear shirts to match the theme, it was cute. I usually slept a good 8 hours straight. Swimming, sun and breeze, not to mention food, makes you sleepy. There's something about hotel bedding that I love. Fluffy pillows and cool crisp sheets. I want to recreate it in my bedroom. Nice white sheets and duvet, that'd do it, inshaAllah.

One thing that stood out was, the last evening after dinner, the animation or entertainment team had a sort of movie trivia night. They all were dressed as different characters. One as Karate Kid, another Captain Jack Sparrow and there was Marilyn Monroe and some others I can't recall. They had a contest where they would play a video clip of some random pictures with fast flashes of clues along with a song from the movie's sound track. You were supposed to name the movie or the star or the director, etc.

Anyone who knows me, knows I would own this game. I would kill it. Problem? I wasn't included. My table, me and my girls, was passed by when they were handing out the answer sheets, pens and explained the game. The guy hosting asked the questions on stage in German and English. I was kind of annoyed because I felt like they didn't bother to ask me if I wanted to play because they assumed I wouldn't speak or understand English. I sat there, each question going by, thinking, I know these answers!  Towards the end of the game one of the animation team walked by and I called out "Hey, Jack Sparrow!" He goes Hi! Then seems like he's gonna leave and I said "Come 'ere" He was Egyptian and seemed shocked I spoke English and well. I said " I know all the answers but I wasn't given a sheet" He starts to apologize and blame the guy handing them out, and I said "It's ok, You know people assume I don't speak English" It was too late but I just wanted to let them know.  In the end they announced the correct answers and the person with the most right answers won a bottle of wine.  Maybe that's why they didn't include me. The prize was alcohol and I'm obviously an observant Muslim. I felt a little silly for assuming anything but I still think they should have another prize for people who don't drink.

The day we checked out, the girls went on a scavenger hunt with the kids' club and I found out there was free wifi at the reception. I checked my email but it was nice for the 4 days prior to be off the internet. Relaxing. 

It was really a nice trip and I hope we can do another few days somewhere again before the summer is out, inshaAllah. :)


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Hi Mona,
    It really would have been a smarter choice to give a gift that pretty anyone could use or appreciate. Many many others out there simply don't, and would certainly never have done so on a family vacation nor in a place that is largely "dry". Poor manners, in my opinion. As they say - "When in Rome... "

    It is odd how appearance can drive people to make so many assumptions. My roommate gets asked all the time on Sunday after Gurdwara if she is Muslim, based on a vague notions of what a muslima would/does wear. Scarf does not equal Muslim, nor observant or nonobservant. It probably was a pretty good bet that you would not be coveting the bottle of wine however ;0)


  2. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Glad you had a great time.Well deserved i'm sure.
    I was just thinking how ramadhan is in the August.
    Do you and your family like to go to the ramadhan tents[that's what they called them years ago]?
    What are they like now?
    Food,music etc.?

  3. Lizze, yea, it seems that europeans drink more? I don't know, Americans are politically correct so maybe it's us. Interesting about your room mate. Yea, I didn't want to win for the prize really just thought it would be fun to participate.

    Umasia/Anon, thanks, alhamdulillha. You know I've never been in one of those tents. I always wondered what was going on inside but I'm told it's basically music, food and shisha.


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