May 2, 2011


Thirteen years ago today, I became a mother. I was blessed with my first born, my son, Dawood.

He was just a little burrito and from then on, he was my buddy.

He was a good, happy baby, mashaAllah.

As he grew, his personality did as well.

Dawood always makes us laugh and impresses me with his intelligence.

I'm proud to be his mom. :)

He's become a young man.He's taller than me now.  He's smart, funny, curious, and caring. Happy Birthday Dawood!


  1. I love this post... you made me cry like in the kleenex commercial...

  2. Ditto, Eman...and I'm not even family (Eman is your sister, right?) I loved the way you "aged" him in the pics, that was so cute mashaa Allaah :-) I'm sure you shed a few tears doing this post lol! Boys are the best!

  3. Awww!!! This makes me think of my son getting older... So bittersweet! Happy bday Dawood! May Allah SWT bless him with many more happy, healthy and successful years, ameen.

  4. What a lovely post :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Dawood...what a lovely tribute Mona ♥

  6. Mashallah God bless them and you!

  7. Anonymous6:01 PM

    May Allah bless him and protect him as his sisters too and his parents especially his beautiful mother!
    We want to see the birthday cake!!!
    See you.
    Anissa,french tunisian mother of three msA,living in Egypt for 3 years.

  8. Eman, aw, sorry?

    Asiya, Yea, Eman's my sister. I did get a little emotional at the end of the post.

    Lala, Ameen, MashaAllah the years fly by.

    Washi, thanks! :)

    My Little World, Ameen, thank you.

    Anissa/Anon, Thank you Ameen, We don't really do a BDay cake or party but the kids pick something to help me bake on their birthday. Dawood chose rainbow candy cookies.

  9. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Happy Birthday Dawood!!!


  10. aw loved the pictures! Happy birthday Dawood!

  11. Masha'Allah, this makes me think of my oldest, he'll be 13 years in October. :)

  12. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Oh he's the same age as my youngest sister :) The 5th picture was the most adorable. Awww. Inshallah he has MANY more birthdays to come

  13. Aw, mashallah. Happy birthday to him!

  14. UmAsiya, Thanks ;)

    Amalia, Thank you. I had like 20 then I thought I should cut it down.

    Zanjabil, MashaAllah, it flys by huh?

    Perfectly Imperfect, I agree, it's the cute face. Ameen, thanks.

    Melissa, thanks, He got to read all your well wishes :)

  15. This is such a sweet post :) Happy Birthday, rabena yekhaleeko le ba3d :)

  16. Anonymous7:35 PM

    oooh so beautiful and so sweet!!! Im scared of my little one grwing :( . Mashallah may he have the best birthday ever and may you all receive ALlah swt blessings. Congrats on such beautiful children!

  17. Aww, Mona, this is a very nice post. Happy Birthday to your young man. Allah y7meeh o ybarek feeh, Ameen. It is amazing how time flies. My oldest turned 17 this April ;)

  18. So like, I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet.

    I'm not a mom yet but it was a really moving post. I feel like 13 is such a landmark age because it's when it really becomes clear that we're growing into adults. I learned so much about life in that year.

    I hope that Dawood's 13th year has been, and will continue to be, his best year yet!

  19. Londoneya, Thanks! Ameen.

    Is-za, Ameen, thanks, alhamdulillah!

    Dr. N, Thanks N, Ameen, It does, mashaAllah I can't imagine 17 yet!

    Majda, thanks sweetie, 13 kinda sucked for me but it's definitely pivotal.


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