May 11, 2011

A Shopping Post

I was feeling funky cause I couldn't find a single abaya that I liked and that fit me so I did the only reasonable thing. Bought accessories! Shoes and bags never fail me. I've been eying a certain pair of wedges recently and fell in love with a bag that matched great. (Yea, still on that matching obsession)

Azaleia makes some great shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable.

I love the flower on this bag and its soft like butta baby.

I also picked up a new wallet, my old one was getting so worn. From too much shopping. The color I chose was inspired by Candice's bag! ;)  See the pretty lining inside the bag? I love that.

The color of the shoes/bag are a beigey-gray. They look different in the photos because of lighting but the shade is really close for being from different shops. I actually asked the shoe store owner if I could take one pair down to another store in the mall to check the color, he was cool with it as long as it wasn't his rival shoe store! Ha, I'm happy though. I usually get black/brown bags so I'm worried about this getting dirty but I'll treat it like a newborn baby.



  1. Oh I looove the wedges! So cute and I like the color too. :-)

  2. Lovely! A new bag or new shoes always do the trick! ;)

  3. Love the bag. I have an obsession with bags and shoes. Had to cut down on it seriously after I got married :(

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    U lucky duck! I couldn't wear those snazzy shoes if I tried (flat footed) I have to stick to grandma flats haha. I love the wallet. I usually get a new wallet every few years and am super picky. Don't worry about the purse (as long as you don't get pen on it) just spot clean to spruce it up. Beware of pens!!! lol

  5. Umm Aaminah, Thanks! It's a new color for me.

    Ashes, thank ya!

    HijabiMommy, True, it makes me happy.

    Sabirah, thanks, Me too, I can't get enough.

    Is-za, I have flat feet, at least I think I do, and can't wear totally flat shoes. It makes my feet hurt. Thanks, I'll stay away from pens. :)

  6. Ooh, I love your wallet!! :D I ended up getting soft brown for my purse instead of blue and I love it - I really have to post soon!


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