May 8, 2011

DIY Pin Cushion

So after my hijab storage solution, I wanted to have a better, cuter way to store my hijab pins. I was keeping them in a little box and had bought many more since, so it was getting crowded.  I thought to myself, there's got to be a tutorial or 20 on how to make a pin cushion, it seems easy enough a project to tackle. So I Google-d and found this video, among others, but I this looked easy and the end result looks like a cupcake!

It doesn't look as great as the ones I've seen online but it's cute enough for me and has plenty of room for pins. Here's what I did.

I love when I find something I can make that I have the materials for. A glue gun, an empty container, scissors, ribbon, scrap fabric, needle & thread and fiber stuffing.

You need to cut your fabric in to 3 pieces, one to cover the bottom, one to cover the sides, and the larger circle is the top of the pin cushion. I ended up cutting that one smaller, it was way too big for my container.

I opted to use felt for the bottom, so I cut a circle to size.

Using your glue gun, glue the long strip of fabric flush with the bottom of your container, all the way around. Sparingly or you'll get glumpy globby bumps under your fabric.

Fold the extra inside and glue that in there.

Glue the bottom on.

This is how it looks so far.

Sew around the edges of the large circle but leave the thread intact.

After filling it with fiber stuffing, (donated generously by an old teddy bear), pull your thread tight.

Sloppily close it up with a few stitches and tie it off.

Here's the finished product. You simply glue gun the pillow top part to the inside of your container. I decorated it with some ribbon because it looked plain, with all one fabric.

Every one of you should make this now. All the materials are probably in your house. You can make it bigger or smaller.   Every hijabi uses pins. Go watch the video. Go. Make it. 

*I just made these 2 for friends, it's even easier the second time :)


  1. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Simply Adorable.. Mones... Great job!


  2. Fabulous idea! love the colors!

  3. Eman, thanks. Lol, seafoam green and rose! These were the shades of our bedroom once upon a time.

    HijabiMommy, thanks! It's what I had handy.

  4. It looks great, Mona mashaa Allaah! You really know how to get your DIY on lol.

  5. Asiya, Thanks! I'm about to add a pic of 2 more I made for friends. :)

  6. Hi from your newest follower/s. Karima from and
    I love this pincushion, I need to make one for myself I think!

  7. How cute! I tried to make one after I first become muslim 5 years ago; I took a brick of florist's foam and covered it.

    However instead of getting the dark green crumbly kind I got the super-stiff styro-foam; end result, my pins couldn't penetrate it! LOL

    Yours is MUCH cuter and far more usable!

  8. The most adorable little things~! I wouldn't have the heart to prick those cushions!

  9. Actually when I wore hijab I did not use pins. I wore those hijabs that you just slide on, the 2 piece ones (Amiras I think they call them). They were very comfy!

    Cute pins and pin holder.


  10. Umm Aaminah, Someone will now learn from that mistake, lol. Thanks!

    Hajar, you're too cute!

    Anisah, Yea they're usually cottony but I only wear one with this one scarf I have that's kinda sheer so I wear it under. Thanks!

  11. I give you the butterfly award

  12. great ideas ya Mona ,keep doing these creative things :)

  13. *Muslim mama* Thank you!

    Moora, thanks, I can't take credit but it's fun to make.

  14. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing! I might have to go make one for myself now :)

  15. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Oh the colors are gorgeous! You are very creative. You can also make them in teacups and shoes. I make them at home to sell online :)

  16. Amalia, thanks, post if you do!

    Is-za, thank you, I saw the teacup ones once it looked adorable.

  17. Melissa6:20 PM

    Very nice idea and yours look great mashAllah! :)

    Any idea where to get a glue gun here in Cairo, or glue stick refills for that matter? What I wouldn't give for a home depot! lol

  18. Melissa, thanks :) Mine is from the US. We got one once at Carrefour years ago but the cord was rediculously short and it broke pretty soon. The glue sticks are sold there too, if you get a glue gun from the states and need more glue. I'd love a Home Depot, a Micheals, a Walmart, throw in a Dunkin Donuts and a Target and I'll be good to go.


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