March 29, 2011

See Food

Yesterday we had dinner at our favorite seafood place, Star Fish. You know when a meal is so good you are still thinking about it the next day? Yea, that's how good it was. Alhamdulillah for leftovers.

Beautiful, fresh pita bread
Seafood soup, my favorite part.

Various salads

The spread



  1. Mmm Mona, that looks so YUM!!!!

  2. Awwww YEAH! Seafood salad looks da BOMB! All the food looks da bomb actually lol! Mashaa Allaah :-) i hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

  3. Oh, that looks sooooo good!

  4. okay i DID mean seafood soup lol ;)

  5. Salaam sis. My husband would eat that up in a second! That looks hmm-hmm-good!

  6. Oh that all looks so good, my mouth is watering. Literally.

  7. Love seafood and everything here looks delish! I don't understand people who DO NOT like it. I mean how can you not?! lol

    Starfish is such a cute name btw.

  8. Anonymous9:05 PM

    That is the first seafood spread in years that has made me really wish I could still eat it, heheee

  9. hi mama mona, im your blog reader all the way from malaysia. :)

    the seafood looks soo yum!

    btw, I studied in egypt a while a go and i've been missing egypt everyday, the food, the people since i left.

    aruz bil laban and firakh masywi just make me drool. :) take care mama mona.

  10. Everything looks delicious Subhanallah :) Especially the prawns!! Where is this? :)

  11. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Amazing looking food, hope it tasted as good as it looked!!! Hamdulillah I love seafood.

  12. *drooooools* mashallah!!!! Blafia!!!! :)

  13. Washi, lol it was alhamdulillah.

    Asiya, heh, I figured that's what you meant :)You have to have it when you come next time.

    Hijabi Mommy, it was!

    Umm Aaminah, Seafood is an Arab fave.

    Happy Hijabi, heh, mop that up.

    Shahira Elaiza, Yea, I used to be one of those people but I love it. Don't like cooking fish at home cause of the smell it leaves but shrimp, calamari, etc is cool.

    Lizze, Why can't you?

    [i.l.y.a], Hi, welcome :) Aw, yea I love roz bil laban too.

    La Petite Cherie, This is a place called Star Fish in Hurghada, Egypt.

    Sanaa Muslim Mama, it did, alhamdulillah.

    Texan after UAE, lol, alhamdulilah.


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