March 16, 2011


The show.

After many recommendations I decided to watch the nbc show Parenthood online. It just finished it's second season so it wasn't too much. I haven't had a show that I liked, you know, just had to watch since Lost ended.

So anyone watch it? I really liked it. The cast is great, I've always liked Lauren Graham since Gilmore Girls and Peter Krause from Six Feet Under. The series starts out a little shmaltzy like super lovey dovey but conflict comes up pretty soon.

I believe it might be the first show to have a child with Autism (Aspergers)  as a main story line. It's informative and heartfelt without taking over the whole show. I'm sure many families appreciate having that mirrored on tv.

It makes me wish my family all lived near by. Not that I didn't before but, you know. They're always stopping by each other's homes and offices. I love the chemistry, they all seem like real family and the dialog is natural and funny. I love the opening theme song/credits as well.

What are you favorite shows? Any recommendations?


  1. Salaam sis. I just finished watching "Lost" at night and now I'm lost! lol I liked having that down-time at night and need a new series to look forward to. :-)

    I've never seen this but I am guilty of having watched (and enjoyed) "Modern Family". I don't agree with the gay couple and to be honest effiminate men make me feel queasy but the show is funny.

    Ma salaama...

  2. Oh I love Parenthood! Great show. You described it perfectly.

    I also love The Good Wife...great series about law and family drama thrown in.

    And, like Umm Aaminah said, I've heard that Modern Family is a must-see. Haven't seen it myself but everyone says it's funny.

  3. Umm Aaminah, Lost is awesome. Modern Family is funny and to be quite honest, if it makes you queasy, don't watch.

    Hijabi Mommy, Yay, another fan, I've seen a couple episodes of The Good Wife, but I hate watching stuff, like not from the beginning.


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