March 2, 2011

For Women Guest Blog

I was honored to be chosen by Jessyz of Chocolate Mints In A Jar to guest blog on her For Women themed month. Here is my guest blog post over there. I'm looking forward to reading all the various topics posted from Egyptian women bloggers she's chosen. Read my post on A Culture Of Gold In Egypt..


  1. Thank you for joining us this month :-)

  2. Good post in South Africa, the home of gold, mostly 13K or 18K gold is sold but I have to confess that I love the 21K gold sold in the ME...although I'm not much of a jewellery person...also love my sterling silver.

    Thanks for giving us a bit of an insight to the current situation there too..

  3. Jessy, It's my pleasure :)

    Washi, I don't know why, I like the color of 18k more than the very yellow 21k. Stupid probably but whatever. I love sterling silver as well :)


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