March 1, 2011

Accessories And Instagram

Instagram is one of my favorite iphone apps. It allows you to apply various filters to your photos to make them look like they came from your grandparents' attic or just look a little more artistic. I've demonstrated it out here to  show some accessories I bought kinda recently,(70% off sale at Accessorize!)


  1. I love that app! My husband has it and I want to get it on my phone too.

    I also love accesorise - they have such pretty stuff!

  2. Amalia, it's fun and I forgot to mention it's easy to share photos with it. Yea Accessorize here is kinda pricey but with 70%off, who could resist?

  3. One of my favorite iphone apps, which I use it all the time.
    Liked your collection a lot.

  4. love the butterfly ring!

  5. Ali Abu Taleb, yea it's a lot of fun.

    Hijabi Mommy, Thanks! I love statement rings.


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